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3.3 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

With the release of the 3.3 update comes a new Known Issues thread.

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:clock1: Updated on the April 17th 11:20 am AEST :clock1:

PLEASE NOTE - When reporting any bugs:

What platform you are playing on?
When did the issue begin occuring and how frequent is it?
A screenshot?
Any other information (enemy troops, traits active, what you were doing previously)

New issues are added to the bottom going forward

3.3 Feedback and suggestions
3.3 Patch Notes
20 Gems from Treasure Gnome / Data Collection Thread
3.2.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)
3.3 Patch Notes
I pulled a mythic other than Ubastet
No gnome reward - new mythic mechanic
Dragon Armor Bonuses Not Working
Daily achievements not working
Arena not working
File names displayed instead of titles
4 and 5 matches not giving an extra turn
No diamonds from guild
Issues with chatting
Event Rewards Not Working
This can't be real, pet gnomes no rescue
"Internal Error" in Treasure Hunt
Unexpected side-effect of Russian network problems
Chat not working!
Steam screenshot function freeze game
In boss raid the troop in the first shot dies in the 1st 2 turns for no reason
Hey my complaint is the Raid Boss loading screen I am 4 sigils down so far. Like I want that Vault Key, but its hard when you cant fight at all
Raid Boss battle stays in "loading" screen, battle never starts
I can't redeem event points I open the news letter and the game freezes every time
Raid boss stuck loading
Unable to enter battles, send chat message, or purchase chests
Guild Task Gold Zero
(Solved) Getting Guild Guardians That I Had Used An Orb Of Ascension on, Despite Already Having 4 Mythic Copies
Elven bard misbehaving
Can't connect to global or guild chat
Unable to Initiate Fight on Guild Wars Attack Screen
Traitstone Generation Glitch
Frequent Crashing on Android Oreo
Problem with PVP counting during reset
Treasure Hunt Reward Summary
Treasure Gnome fringe case - no reward
Holiday gems Settings Menu XBOX 1
Moneylender event bonus no longer working since update
Make Godslayers useful outside of raids
Wording on Dragon Knight ability
(Not A Bug) Getting White Cards out of max lvl Guild chest
Gold donated to tasks doesn't show in roster
Kindle fire hd: after update 18 Jun - endless loop in battle load
Hero class change
Doomstone ability doesn't always do skull damage
Hero weapon bug
New mythic troop mechanics (Fixed in 3.5)
Redbird bug report

found a bug…patch isnt out yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Downloading for me ;p Also, restart your steam client!

It will be out on Steam around now. The other platforms will take some time.

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Shouldn’t Zuul’Goth show up in unowned troops since he is craftable?


Known Issue: it released before the patch notes were posted. :wink:

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Only things that have changed in soulforge is added stuff to others. No new troops or weapons

Traits do not trigger when first fighting a Treasure gnome:


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Same happened to me yeah

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This week’s event doesn’t seem to be working? (Kill purple troops in PVP)
I just killed several, and my event progress did not change. I also don’t see any of those green stones when scouting, or when killing the purple troop, or showing up in my battle rewards.
Platform - Steam

We’re aware of the issue, and it should be fixed shortly.

when will it appear on ps4

Soon™! Consoles usually take a big longer to push out.

what is meant soon? wait for it too

The weapon “Crescendo” is supposed to give an extra turn when it kills an enemy, however, it isn’t doing that right now.

The current event isn’t working anymore (Moneylender isn’t giving his bonus gold in explore as the event says; I get the normal gold amount).

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Clicking too fast on the “Play Again” button on explore will return you to world map. I imagine it’s related to a small delay where both buttons “Leave” and “Play Again” are overlaped while loading before they display correctly.

Another issue: My Gnolls can only target random enemies, it’s been like that since… they were released. Please fix! :grin:


Yup, thanks for that. Hopefully this should be fixed when we fix event stones.


Not sure how it was supposed to work, but when my masteries capped at 1000 before, they were maximally one or two apart. I’m not sure why the game thought making them 463, 442, 442, 452, 452 and 442 equals “evenly” in any way or form.:thinking: