3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)

EDIT: 3.1.5 has now been released, but we are going to keep using the same 3.1 thread.

With the release of the 3.1 update comes a shiny, fresh new Known Issues thread!

EDIT: Now that we are all on Unity, we will be combining our known issues threads! Woo! Please make sure to let us know what platform you are playing on when you report a bug.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

UPDATED: 26/09/17 11:00 AM.


  • After changing languages and linking accounts on Android, it may hang at the splash screen on occasions. If this happens, please close the app and restart and it should be fine. STATUS: Should be fixed in 3.1.5.
  • iOS: Game Center may have issues unlocking achievements. STATUS: Investigating.
  • PC/Mobile: Not tutorial shown after unlocking your first troop/weapon. Currently only affects new players. STATUS: Should be fixed in 3.1.5.
  • Mobile: Keyboard can take up full screen on mobiles when inputting text (eg. Chat). STATUS: This is currently a limitation in Unity, we will look for alternative solutions for upcoming updates.
  • Not possible to quickly select filters from a list on the Troops menu. STATUS: We are aware that this is an issue but we were unable to fix for this update. We will make this change a priority in the next update.
  • Mobile: The Mini Games and Guild Menus have a highlight on the “Treasure Hunt” and “Guild Wars” buttons that doesn’t change. Minor visual issue only. STATUS: Should be fixed in next update.
  • iOS: Size and location of chat box don’t persist between sessions. STATUS: Investigating.
  • iOS: Chat input no longer spell-checks/auto-corrects. STATUS: Investigating.
  • iOS: Game crashes when unlocking device. STATUS: Investigating.
  • iOS: Troop window filter arrows are transparent until tapped. STATUS: Investigating.
  • iOS: Tributes don’t show until network action performed. STATUS: Should be fixed? But please let us know if Tribute is not showing up automatically.
  • Mobile: Daily Bounty IAP purchasable multiple times a day. STATUS: Should be fixed in the next update.
  • PS4: Guild bonuses not applying, and some timers not showing. STATUS: Investigating.
  • PC: Right clicking to select gems in battle doesn’t select the correct gem. STATUS: Investigating.
  • XB1: Chat window freezes after a certain amount of time. STATUS: Investigating.
  • PC: Defense teams not staying set in some cases. STATUS: Investigating.
  • All Platforms: Retreating from Treasure Hunt causes the game to crash. STATUS: Should be fixed in the next update.


  • After unlocking Soulforge and Dungeon there are no indications of them unlocking as the Quest Rewards display. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Not possible to view where Blighted Lands (Soulforge) and Drifting Sands (Dungeon) are on the map if you haven’t unlocked the regions around it yet. STATUS: Should be fixed in the next update. WORKAROUND: Can go to Hero > Traitstones or Troops > Select Troop > Crafting > Traits and select a traitstone from the Kingdom to view where it is. (eg. Minor Fire Traitstone for Blighted Lands and Minor Yellow Traitstone for Drifting Sands)
  • Sounds play in Soulforge regardless of sound settings. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Summoned troop kills not counting towards kill count. STATUS: Fixed.
  • Soulforge level tab UI appearing on top of player profile/chat window. STATUS: Fixed in 3.1.5.
  • Soulforge level bar filling up prematurely (Visual only). STATUS: Investigating.
  • German Language: Kill count not shown in level tab. STATUS: Investigating.
  • XB1: Animation when leveling up Soulforge played off the bottom of the screen. STATUS: Fixed in 3.1.5.


  • Troops that summon that have a level based on Magic (eg. Silver Drakon summoned by Krystenax) will temporarily remain at that level after battle. STATUS: Fixed in 3.1.5. WORKAROUND: Gaining a troop from a chest or quest will resolve the issue. Performing crafting on another troop (level up, ascension, traits or disenchant) will resolve the issue. Otherwise, re-loading the game will also resolve the issue.
  • Impervious is not working correctly. STATUS: Fixed in 3.1.5.
  • Dwarf’s Fortitude not protecting against Devour. STATUS: Fixed in 3.1.5.
  • On match traits possibly firing too regularly. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Refund button appears to have gone on holiday. STATUS: Investigating.
  • iOS: Troop art not filling card space when buying in Arena. STATUS: Investigating.
  • One Shot Troops not blocking out other troops of the same type. STATUS: Fixed in 3.1.5.
  • Kingdom icons gone from cards. STATUS: This is intended and may be addressed in the 3.2 update.
  • PS4: Managing to fight a dungeon more than three times a day gets you a team of troops with 1000 stats. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Demonic Pact summoning level 1 troops regardless of owned troop level. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Troops targeting first or last two troops will hit a third troop with additional effects if one of the original two are killed by initial damage. STATUS: Investigating.

~Minor Bugs~

  • Troop portraits aren’t meeting the edges of the screen. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Settings button not available during tutorial. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Level up splash screen not displaying for post-1000 levels. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Offers screen appearing underneath tutorials. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Unable to close kingdom screen by clicking/tapping on kingdom crest. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Kingdom backgrounds in GW Attack! Tab off-center. STATUS: Investigating.
  • Kingdom crest absent from troop cards. STATUS: Investigating.
  • XB1: Dungeon Offer is not yet purchasable STATUS: Has been released!
  • Console: Aspect Ratio setting doesn’t work on map page. Icons hang off the screen. STATUS: Fixed in 3.1.5.

Sounds play in Soulforge regardless of sound settings.


Friends The Great Maw was able to eat Mega-Elemaugrim in the mega-boss dungeon. No stun active (no stun troops). She submitted this through submit a bug, I thought I would mention it here.

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When I upgraded on Android, my icon for the old version disappeared, and I had to re-add it to my screen.

I’m sure this isn’t a bug, but I think it should be noted in the thread to save support some time if people get confused.

I’ve been getting that with a lot of my android apps lately, it’s a pain in the arse.

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Strangely in maximized windowed mode. Portraits will sometimes no snap to the edges. They did before, but not now. PC by the way.

Cross posting a bug from the patch notes thread, platform iOS:

Is Xathenos meant to be one of the four mythics this week? He’s currently craft-able in two separate ways (weapon combine and usual mythic craft of souls and celestials)

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Display issue. Are the quest line gems supposed to be unequally spaced? I am on iOS.

I believe it marks how many battles you have to fight in each quest.


Yup, each dot between them represents a battle. So you’ll see in your second screenshot you have 1 dot filled for the Travel to the fissure you’ve completed.

EDIT: Damn, sniped by @Nimhain

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I got sniped by both of you!


Crash on iOS:

Repro steps:

  1. Open game to map (or any other view, really) and turn off phone screen.
  2. Turn phone screen back on, unlock device.
  3. Gems of War appears briefly, then app goes to black screen and crashes (usually, at least 3/4 times)

Device/OS info: iOS 10.3.2, iPhone 6
GFX Settings: Rare, 2x animation, Blur Quality Off, Power Save OFF

Workarounds: Turn Power Save ON

Depending on the version of Unity used, the crash could be caused by this: Unity Issue Tracker - [iOS] Crash in UnityRepaint() when resuming the app with different landscape orientation if running at 60 FPS on iOS 10
(I’ve run into this particular crash personally in the past, and I’m guessing Power Save locks framerate below 60.)

EDIT: i submitted a proper ticket through ZenDesk https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/41297


Something weird with chat: When you open up to chat on iOS, the box no longer spell-checks/auto-corrects. Can we please have this fixed? I’d wager most of us are not spelling bee champions… :honeybee:

Also on the topic of iOS chat, how can I disconnect from it? There have been so many long-standing issues that I want to leave it off permanently. Can’t figure out where to do that, since there is no obvious Disconnect button now.

Down arrow on the chat window should give you a box with Disconnect in it.

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No he is not. I’m rolling out a fix right now (so buy him cheap while you can).


Well if you can give us 4000 diamond i will :slight_smile:

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Another chat issue: The size & location don’t persist across sessions. I closed it out to try to buy the Daily Deal (still no luck on that! why won’t you take my money?!) and noticed it had reset. Fix plz thx.

Pointed out in global chat ingame:

Troops no longer have their kingdom emblems in the bottom right corner of their cards!

I thought this initially only applied to Xathenos in the Soulforge, but it seems to apply to all troops in the Troops menu too.

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