Impervious and other traits - When will they be fixed?

In my opinion, it makes you look like a petulant child.

But thanks for listening.


Caps are the equivalent of shouting. You want emphasis, try italics.


Gloom Leaf’s Thorns isn’t working either.

Typing the words “petulant child” makes you look like a “condescending curmudgeon.” RiverSong’s reply is something anyone would find reasonable.


Thank you for that. In the typical places I post, I don’t get many replies until I add annoying things like CAPS and too many ???'s. I’ll use italics on this forum. :slight_smile: Cheers.

Now, getting back to what the original post was about… Mana Shield seems to be working today - wasn’t yesterday. I wonder how many other traits aren’t working for other troops. Obviously not enough to complain about, but, it’s still something to be fixed.

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Her replies here have more likes than yours. Maybe you should take a hint…

See above.

Impervious is the broken trait. Indigestible and Mana Shield, as well as Fortitude, all properly resist their intended effects.

The devs have posted about Impervious being broken; it’s in the 3.1 Known Issues thread.

What they have not done is communicate further on this, insofar as letting people know a fix is coming. Why they do not do so is beyond me. I have seen these traits fixed myself in the beta builds.


I didn’t record evidence, but yesterday, (Sun 9/17), “Mana Shield” and Gloom Leaf’s “Thorns” weren’t working. Today, “Thorns” still isn’t working. I’m wondering if any other traits are also bugged that aren’t being reported, since we tend to focus on our key troops.
Correction: Thorns don’t work against Gorgotha.

I often want to use italics on forums and psn but there’s no option on some devices unfortunately. I’m using SwiftKey on android, mobile Web page and I have no idea how to do that personally.

CAPS or italics this is a ridiculous series of craptastic programming. I noticed that whenever I get a great troop the devs are quick to rush out a nerf but they seem to really love Devour. It is a crap trait that needs to be nerfed or removed badly. Another bug is that the AI “hits” on this way too often for the stated percentage chance. I have devour troops. I use them in some teams but it is just not fair with this bug hanging out making it a cheap, insta-kill. The number of troops with Indigestible and Fortitude are not enough compensating controls (and frankly a lame excuse). If you (somehow) can’t fix Impervious then nerf Devour until you can pull your head out long enough to see straight to code properly. (Yes I am a programmer so I know exactly what level of quality goes into rolling out a massive bug like this).

The forum will add italics to anything that is between two underscores. So if I want to italicize something I would type "_something _ " (with no spaces around the second underscore). Can’t show you the exact syntax, because you’d just see italicized words then…


Italics here are either single-asterisks or single-underscores around the text you want to emphasize. So:

This is _important._
This is *also important.*

This is important.
This is also important.


You didn’t already know that? :confused:

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Thanks stan and lyya, I’m not very good with computers.

What are your experiencing with Gorgotha and thorns? And what were you expecting to happen?

On other notes, both the one shot spell bug and Impervious are fixed in the next patch, that is coming Soon™.

Haha, I wasn’t expecting that comeback. Fair play.

Gloom Leaf’s Thorns don’t work on Gorgotha. Only Gorgotha.

It’s insane that thread on htese forums turn into grammar and etiquette checks, and even more insane when it goes on for more than one comment. Just stick to the topic and let the typing issues annoy you somewhere else. Game forums are for helping each other navigate issues, not for berating people ON WHETHER OR NOT THEY TYPE IN CAPS.

Yes, Sir! /salute

(You misspelled “these”)