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News from the team will be posted here for discussion from time to time.

Feature Requests and Game feedback

Suggestions on new features or ideas for Gems of War, or complaints, comments and critique/feedback on the game. Think something should be improved? Have a new idea or critique of a new feature or update? This is the place.

Gameplay Chat (PlayStation 4/Xbox One)

A place to discuss Gems of War specifically built for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Gameplay Chat (PC/Mobile)

Everything and anything about Gems of War!

Community Guides

A place for community created guides and guide requests.

Guild Wars

Everything and anything about Guild Wars!

Community Content

This category is to highlight any content created by community members that isn't specifically a guide, things like:

Other Languages

If players would like to put guides or notes for our non-English-speaking players on the forums, then this is where to do it!
If we start to get too busy in here, we will create sub-categories for the various languages we support.


Welcome to the Spoiler Section. Where players are post and discuss future troops, kingdoms and other goodies.

Guild Chat

A place for Guilds to come together outside of the game!

Support (PS4 / Xbox)

Use this category for help from the community with game issues that happen on Xbox One or PlayStation4 devices. For Bug reports go here.

Support (PC/Mobile)

Use this category for help from the community with game issues that happen on computer or mobile devices (Android, iOS and Amazon). For Bug reports go here.

Bug Reports

To report a bug or game glitch in Gems of War please use this forum category. Create a new topic and fill in the template. You can also copy paste the template below. If you require help with a game issue or are Missing rewards you can contact support using this link.

Fantasy Series

This is a home for posts about the Gems of War Fantasy Series, a forum-operated competition based around Gems of War troops & drafting.

Off Topic

Not related to Gems of War? It belongs here!


Here you can find all Lorekeeper posts - Gems of War stories about the lore and characters of the World of Krystara.