To make sure everyone gets the best possible experience from the Gems of War forums, please follow these simple rules:

Be Respectful

No discrimination, bullying, or hate speech. We all like a nice healthy discussion, and we understand that people will disagree on many things, but keep it civil please.
Along the same lines, hijacking discussions with abuse, slurs, memes, and grandstanding in order to derail them or get them closed is definitely banworthy.
Needless to say, threats of violence against staff members or other players will receive an instant and permanent ban.

No Spamming

Links to related pages are fine and we have an off topic category if you want to discuss anything not related to Gems of War, but please don’t use the forum to simply promote things (I’m looking at you, spambots!). Anyone who signs up only to post spam will be instantly banned.

No Unrelated Site Links in Signatures

We’re happy for you to link to sites related to our games, or your personal website/blogs in your signatures. But any links to unrelated sites that are effectively advertising will not be tolerated and will result in a warning or a ban (if you are a new user).

Keep the Language Clean

Please try not to swear or use other inappropriate words or phrases.

No Callouts

Any posts that try to name-and-shame other players will be removed. If you have a problem with something or someone, please contact support and let them know.

No Selling Accounts/Guilds

Like pretty much every online game, we don’t support the private sale of accounts or guilds between players. So, in the spirit of that, any advertising of accounts of guilds for sale will be removed.

Don’t Hijack Other Guilds’ Recruitment Threads

Any posts in a Guild Recruitment thread trying to advertise a different guild will be removed. Classy people have their own recruitment thread!
Also please don’t jump into other guild threads to tell them how much they suck… it really only tells people how much YOU suck…

No Posting PM’s or Support Responses without Permission

PMs (Private Messages)… that’s obvious. If you Privately Message someone you may have an obvious expectation of privacy, and not want messages aired on the general forum.
Regarding support responses… we’ve found that these sometimes get misquoted or misrepresented to stir up forum drama. We can’t stress enough though, that if you have a problem with a support response, please respond to support and ask for your issue to be elevated - it will get dealt with in a far more timely manner!

No Meme-Bombing Threads

One meme… funny. Two memes… still probably funny (even if it IS hide-your-pain Harold). Lots of pointless memes posted for the purpose of shutting down an argument… NOT funny. It’s the internet equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and yelling LALALALALA until other people stop talking. If you don’t like somebody’s opinion, or disagree with them, that’s fine… DISCUSS… Don’t be lazy and bomb the thread with memes! You’ll eventually get banned.