Sunbird is broken (iOS and PC)


I found a bug (?) in the game, maybe two. I own Sunbird and leveled the card up to max. When I start the game he is on max level and after a while he resets to level 11.

Left picture: when I start the game (max level) Right picture: after a while (level 11)

If I had enough souls left, I could level this card up again, but I’m afraid that this card would reset again.

Another bug I found:

(I would post a pic, but new members can only post one, so…)

The last trait From Ashes is broken. When an ally of mine dies, nothing happends. But the bird should summon a firestorm!

The level thing is a known issue:

I have not heard about From Ashes being bugged.

I believe I misunderstood what a Firestorm does. A friend told me: " Isn’t a firestorm just an extra chance of red gem drops? "
I thought a firestorm is that what Garuda does, with the damage. But apparently not.