A Crafting Guide - SPOILERS for crafting!

Aww you’re going to make me do math? XD

Give me a few minutes to figure it out.

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Well like @Ozball it will depend how many diamond you can win with LT

So no vip points when you buy the jewels

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Uhh… good question… @Saltypatra?

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Yes but for starters lets assume 0 from LT. To get a ball park. There is No data on new LTs yet…

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THIS ROCKS!!! You guys did a fantastic job of documenting this… :slight_smile:

I am just sad we can only play in the dungeon once a day.


Very roughly 112 days assuming you buy the Gem pack each day (not the RM one, just the gem one). 260 days if you don’t even buy the gem pack.

Im sad i need to wait 7 day to play dungeon :stuck_out_tongue:

According to my calculation, that would be 100 days to get a mythic in average without paying any real money. maybe a little more, maybe a little less :slight_smile: Of course you need to buy the Daily Gem Pack every day. If there’re more ways to get diamonds in the future, the number will be less.


So apparently Sundays will be Diamond days.


Just be aware that this crafting guide was created during the beta, and therefore some of the values are incorrect.


I saw the patch notes mentioned Diamonds are also in tasks. Does this calc include those?

No, we don’t know the numbers for that. Also it doesn’t include Sunday’s Day of Luck.

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Is it possible to get correct infos please?

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That mean every boss give 100% diamond?

Updated now to correct ingame values. Only traitstones were off I think.

I don’t know, I’m only going off what @Nimhain said ingame, but my assumption is so.

I sure hope so. Doing the three battles and having 0 Diamonds at the end kinda sucks.


Mythics cost 4000 diamonds. 3 routes, excluding Guild tasks (as I don’t know how many you get):

Route 1- Dungeon Only

Guaranteed 400 shards, avg 20 diamonds per day, with DoL giving an extra 50 diamonds every 7th day. Shards can be crafted with souls for more diamonds. In 5 normal days, you’d have 120 diamonds. Multiply that by 7, and 35 normal days would be 840. With 5 of those being DoL, for +50 each, 35 days in total gets 1090. A mythic would take 129 days (down from 168).

Route 2- Dungeon and Gem only

Buying the pack for 50 gems doubles your gain and adds an extra 10 diamonds every DoL, just to make me do more math. With the pack, we’d get 2230 per 35 days, making the time to mythic 63 days (down from 84). However, this costs 50 gems per day, or a total of 3150 gems. This is approximately 350 gem keys (although you do recoup a few of them as rewards in the packs).

Route 3- Throw money at it

The cash option gives you 50 diamonds and 800 shards, or 150 diamonds and 1000 shards on DoL. One week of this is 450 diamonds and enough shards for 58 diamonds. Per 35 day unit, that’s 2540. Add that to the previous route’s 2230, and we get 4770 per 35 days, or enough for a mythic and then some. It turns out that on average, you’d hit 4000 every 30 days (and $150.00).

EDIT: Will revise later with Guild Task Bonuses factored in.


Summoning stones seem a waste. Alot of res for mabye a common troop :frowning:
or am i missing something?

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