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A Crafting Guide - SPOILERS for crafting!

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Table of Contents


Both the Soulforge and Dungeons have been added with the 3.1 patch! Soulforge requires you to complete a short quest chain in Blighted Lands, while Dungeons requires a short chain in Drifting Sands. After this they are available from the Mini-Game menu above Treasure Hunt and Arena.

The Soulforge


There are 10 levels for your Soulforge, and it can be leveled up in one of two ways, killing enemies or paying gems. For killing enemies, they can be killed in any game mode and they will be counted towards your forge's level progress. The price to level up the forge with gems gets discounted percentage wise based on your kills. eg kill half the required number? The cost is now 50% of the total.
Level Kills Gems Recipes
1 20 50 Minor and Major Traitstones
2 60 75 Brown Jewels/Summoning Stone/Weapons
3 100 100 Blue Jewels/Summoning Stone/Weapons
4 140 125 Green Jewels/Summoning Stone/Weapons
5 180 150 Runic and Arcane Traitstones
6 220 175 Yellow Jewels/Summoning Stone/Weapons
7 300 200 Purple Jewels/Summoning Stone/Weapons
8 380 225 Red Jewels/Summoning Stone/Weapons
9 500 250 Celestial Traitstones, Legendary Troops and Weapons, Diamonds
10 N/A N/A Mythic Troops and Weapons


Jewels are our new crafting currency and can be obtained in a number of ways. The main method is to do the daily Dungeons (more on those later), but you can also craft them from Shards. We have 2 different types, coloured jewels and colourless.

Sapphire (Blue)
Emerald (Green)
Ruby (Red)
Topaz (Yellow)
Amethyst (Purple)
Garnet (Brown)


Other than Shards all of the above can be crafted for the cost of 100 souls and 500 shards each, except for Diamonds which cost 1,000 shards instead of 500.

Jewel Souls Shards
Topaz 100 500
Sapphire 100 500
Emerald 100 500
Ruby 100 500
Amethyst 100 500
Garnet 100 500
Diamond-Small 100 1,000


Yes traitstones can finally be crafted! And ALL are craftable! You now have a use for all those majors and minors you have laying around! Traitstones (other than Celestials) need other traitstones of the same colour to craft. So Major Water, needs Minor Waters. Arcanes need an equal amount of runics from each colour, eg Swamp needs 3 Runic Nature and 3 Runic Waters, for single colours you need 6 of the one colour.
Traitstone Souls Minors Majors Runics Celestials Jewels
Minor 50 - 2 - - -
Major 100 3 - - - -
Runic 200 - 7 - - -
Arcane 400 - - 6 2 -
Celestial - - - - - 100 of each


Troops are also craftable! ... with some restrictions. Except for Legendary and Mythics troops you craft troops by crafting a Summon Stone of a certain colour, which then summons a random troop of that colour (Including legendaries, and possibly Mythics). Eg a Blue Summon stone could summon a Dwarven Gate, or Borealis.

Also each week there are four specific Legendary and four specific Mythic troops available for crafting. These change each week at the usual weekly reset time. You get to pick which of the 4 you want, though the price is the same for all troops of that rarity.

Legendary Crafting

Recipe Souls Jewels Diamonds Celestials
Summon Stone (any colour) 100 50 - -
Legendary 5,000 - 800 4
Mythic 20,000 - 4,000 10

Note: Following info is from the beta and might have changed
There is also a new Mythic that is only available from the Soulforge, and is always craft-able. Introducing… Xathenos!
Xathenos is unique in that his has a special recipe to craft. (Which ties in a bit to the lore of Xathenos for those that know it)
He requires:

  • 50,000 Souls
  • 300 Gems
  • 4,000 Diamonds
  • Eye of Xathenos
  • Heart of Xathenos
  • Soul of Xathenos

The last three items are weapons for the hero that are craft-able in the weapons section (more details on those in the next section)


New weapons are also craftable! There is a Sword and Staff for each colour, as well as some unique weapons! Swords and Staves have the same costs, and the jewels required are the same as their element type (eg Stone Sword needs Garnets)
Weapons Souls Jewels Gems Celestials
Sword/Staff 1,000 200 50 2
Eye of Xathenos 100,000 300 Blue and Purple 50 3
Heart of Xathenos 100,000 300 Red and Purple 50 3
Soul of Xathenos 100,000 300 Yellow and Purple 50 3
Shattered Blade 100,000 400 Blue 50 3
Broken Guard 100,000 400 Yellow 50 3
Dawnstone 100,000 400 Red 50 3

And if you were thinking “Why can I craft a shattered blade and broken guard in a forge? It seems to make more sense that these would be used to make a weapon!” You’d actually be right… they are used to make the game’s first (actual) Mythic weapon, DAWNBRINGER! (Yes class weapons are technically mythic, but they show as Legendary in game, and are only single colour)
Dawnbringer requires:

  • 1,000,000 Souls
  • 200 Gems
  • 3 Celestial Traitstones
  • Shattered Blade
  • Broken Guard
  • Dawnstone

Dawnbringer is assumedly a tri-colour weapon.

Also note that weapons are never consumed in crafting, so you only ever need to create one of each of the weapons needed to craft Dawnbringer or Xathenos.


Currently the Other tab only contains a recipe to craft 100 souls from 10 Diamonds. Though this might be useful considering the sheer amount of Souls required for some of the items in the previous tabs!
Recipe Diamonds
Souls x100 10


Each day there is a new dungeon to play and clearing the battles within it will grant you Jewels as a reward. Dungeons reset daily as does the Gem Bounty you’re able to buy once you clear the first battle.
Dungon Rewards

Each of the three battles will feature a troop with a particular buff to it’s spell or traits, each being harder than the last. With the final one giving you the best chance at Diamonds.

Dungeon Bosses

If you clear the first battle you also get the opportunity to buy a one off pack of materials, called a Gem Bounty based on the dungeon’s colour for 50 Gems. There is also a real money pack purchasable (Daily Deal), but this wasn’t working properly in the beta, so no real information is available on it.

Gem Bounty


Weapon and Xathenos Images

Xathenos Spell
Xathenos Traits


Elemental Weapons (Brown provided as example, others are all the same for their respective elements)

Stone Sword
Stone Staff

Xathenos Weapons

Soul of Xathenos
Heart of Xathenos
Eye of Xathenos


Shattered Blade
Broken Guard

Many thanks to CliffyA and the rest of the beta community for help in putting this together!


Ozball is best mod.


You had me at “Where’s my liches at?” But you should drop the 's.

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Back to grinding souls! :grin:

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I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough, but are shards only available through the daily dungeons and gem packs? Since they are uncraftable, they seem like a pretty important commodity.

Currently only via Daily Dungeons, the Gem Pack and a Daily IAP. ($5)

Dommbringer is quite… disappointing for its price…

Can we know the colors?
And why it seems that the blade is missing on the artwork?

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Colours I’ll update once I can see them in game (working on it atm) they weren’t present in the beta (or at least it didn’t show in the preview and noone had resources to craft it)

Colours: Red/Blue/Yellow - 20 mana

Xathenos is undead/Mystic (no kingdom emblem though)

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Did the damage is low on your screenshot because you don’t have much extra bonus (kingdom + guild)?

Damage seems to be [Magic+2] boosted by Yellow enemies (+2 per). I don’t have many 5* kingdoms, and I’m only mid400s level

It seems boosted by both Allies and enemies Yellow troops, no?

Yeah mis-read sorry.

Also I’m currently Mechanist class, so no +2 Magic from Perks and no +5 magic from colour bonus.


And yes, the spell effect seems to count both teams’ Yellow troops.


to upgrade the soulforge is it only boss kill or any kill is good?

Any kill, anywhere.

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Is it permanent or it reset every week?

Unconfirmed, but I assume permanent.

2,500 kills should be quite difficult to attain each week.


It should be perm Screenshot_Screenshot_2|690x3621Screenshot_3Screenshot_4

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