Problems after the update

Is there anyone else having problems afeter the upgrade like, the doesn´t show some parts of armor, some troops appear with lower power and some other bugs.

If so just tell what problems are you facing.

Thank a lot and have a good day.



There is a “Known issues” thread over here where you can check to see if anyone else has reported similar issues to what you’re seeing and report bugs:

Stan thks a lot a new member and apreciate your help. I play ps4 and you?

Yes, I’m on PS4 also. Welcome to the forums!

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whats your nick in the game and you take part in any guid?

I’m Stan in game as well and have been a member of Crimson Sky for about the last 6 months. If you’re looking for a guild or are recruiting for your own, then you should check out the #Guild-Chat:guild-recruitment-ps4 thread.

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I take part in a guild , so tks for all tips and advices , my nick in the game is markimpmmg

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