Problems after the update


Is there anyone else having problems afeter the upgrade like, the doesn´t show some parts of armor, some troops appear with lower power and some other bugs.

If so just tell what problems are you facing.

Thank a lot and have a good day.




There is a “Known issues” thread over here where you can check to see if anyone else has reported similar issues to what you’re seeing and report bugs:


Stan thks a lot a new member and apreciate your help. I play ps4 and you?


Yes, I’m on PS4 also. Welcome to the forums!


whats your nick in the game and you take part in any guid?


I’m Stan in game as well and have been a member of Crimson Sky for about the last 6 months. If you’re looking for a guild or are recruiting for your own, then you should check out the #Guild-Chat:guild-recruitment-ps4 thread.


I take part in a guild , so tks for all tips and advices , my nick in the game is markimpmmg