3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


With the release of the 3.2 update comes a new Known Issues thread.

PLEASE NOTE: When reporting any bugs, please include what platform you are playing on.

LAST UPDATED: 10/11/17 2:15 AM.


  • Changes to teams do not save after exiting the game
  • Missing icons/images in the game interface or issues with dungeons
  • Missing anniversary rewards
  • Black Beast, Sacrificial Priest and Princess Elspeth can target and kill allies Status: Fixed with hotfix 3.2.1
  • Guild Wars Defense teams reset each week reverting to their default
  • Gold amount not displaying the correct value Stautus: Fixed with hotfix 3.2.1
  • Game crashes during Guild Wars
  • Guild wars battles count as loses after finishing with a victory


  • You can’t select & view troop or weapon info on the rewards screen in this version Status: Coming in a future version.
  • Treasure maps given as mail rewards may not display in round results (but are still given). Status: Should be fixed in next update.


  • Disabled LT/RT to quickly scroll on Banner screen. Status: Investigating.

3.2 Feedback and Suggestions

  1. Almost impossible to tell what is selected/highlighted this is almost every new screen.
  2. Disabled LT/RT to quickly scroll on Banner screen
  3. Odd placeholder icons left on screen when a troop dies



What platform?

Edit: Thank you


Can you get a screenshot of the placeholder icons?


Top right, after killing 2 troops, there are two weird place holders.


Okay, that’s the troop slot, not a placeholder icon. It’s intentional


Thank you for the quick response.

…Maybe re-examine that choice just leaving empty space after a troop dies so the background art can show like before. It looks very odd.


No more kingdom power level progress bars on the world map screen? Is this intentional? Those were a great addition.


Major usability setback:

Have to use scroll wheel excessively on PC to navigate troops due to the removal of the clickable up / down arrows on the right.

Might help to allow pressing the up / down arrows or page up / page down on the keyboard.


Jotnar’s boost ratio displays x5 instead of x7.


Wisp still set to old stats :frowning:

and old traits


indeed now we have to try n scroll through troops its suckz


This has been fixed, restart if you’re not seeing it yet.


just fought two battles against wisp. they still as op as before


Thank You Ozball. Just gonna comment on here :slight_smile:


By utilizing white text for troop stats on a few troops it is very difficult to read. There is a very light black gradient but it’s not dark enough. Please slightly increase the level of the dark gradient behind the text for troops to make the stats readable.


Please show what kingdom each troop is from in troop screen.

I’m on android at the moment, haven’t checked pc yet.


The Guild Wars Attack screen no longer shows my individual daily score. I was hoping for more information, not less.


This is still there under the More Info ?-mark button.