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3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

There is sometimes a random line that dashes through stuff in chat. It is the one that is supposed to give the time stamp, but sometimes likes to randomly appear out of nowhere.



Hate the new update. Too hard to see.



My kingdom powers are not matching. See Gulvania? Power level 8 but home screen shows level 6

might have somting to do with new unreleased troops in troop menu. look like they come from that kingdom

I’m on iOS, it did updated to 3.2 just while ago, but UI hasn’t changed from before?
And map are the same old…
Is these changes and UI new face are coming later?

android cannot open the game after update
steam version: connection time out

That’s actually showing Power Level 9 on the map screen (1-5 stars are blue, 6-10 stars are yellow), which is a known issue, but is only a display bug that should be fixed in the next update. The values/stars in the Kingdom Power Menu are the correct ones.

What version of Android are you running?

@Ozball Can you please explain for iOS, nothing seems changed at all after updated to 3.2

It should have changed… what game version number does it say you have in the app store entry?

App says 3.2 updated from Apple store two hours ago



This screen shot is take after updated to 3.2 as above Apple store.

Cheers for the report, we’re looking into it. I’ll report back when we have more info.

Minor display bug. When getting tribute from kingdoms the gold amount does not go up. The gold is credited, but you don’t know how much you are getting. I can collect a screen shot tomorrow if necessary. This is on PC.

Thanks. Only changes I see was Wisp’s traits… nothing else changed.

Screenshots are always helpful if you have them!

Definitely something wrong with the amount of gold being collected from Tributes.



Having the same issue as @awryan . It seems that the first collection worked properly, the ones after are not giving the right amount of gold.

I’m on Xbox One.

Edit : Upon collecting my 3rd tribute, I noticed it still displays incorrectly, but it does give the correct amount of gold, so it seems its a display issue only.

Missed the opportunity for a screen shot confirming that the gold was
credited, have to wait for my next opportunity to collect tribute, which
likely won’t be tonight, as it is after 11 PM here and I have to work in
the morning, but I’ll collect one tomorrow for you unless I hear that you
were able to confirm the issue yourself.

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