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Raid Boss battle stays in "loading" screen, battle never starts

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Platform, device version and operating system
iPad Mini 2, IOS 11.x

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Tapped on “Stage 5, Toxic Zuul’Goth”, then the “Loading” screen appeared, and stayed there for more than 10 minutes (gave up after this),
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Started happening today

Steps to make it happen again
No exact steps to reproduce possible, just happens every now and then - about 50% of battles are affected. Unfortunately, battle tickets are still consumed, though the battle never starts.

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I’ve had the same on Android. Killing/restarting the client will fix, but by then, yes, the raid ticket is consumed.

Android player here, it’s super frustrating because I bought extra sigils.

I’m having the same problem here. Intermittently happening on raid boss since the latest update. I lost some sigils this way as well because I had to restart my app. I’m on iOS.

I would recommend you guys to go into your troop list and click the"show all" and then scroll all the way down until every single card image appear.

Then do the same thing for weapons and pets. Restart the game and now it should be fine

Same problem in Android. Clear caché seems to help sometimes