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File names displayed instead of titles

Please check the known issues list before posting a bug.

**Platform, device version and operating system XBOX one s

Screenshot or image

Most names, titles, places, labels are bracketed and displayed as files names. Cant tell what kingdom or troops are by a number or file name

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
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How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
New files loaded on Monday May 21,2018

Steps to make it happen again
_Do you know how to make this happen?
Obvious on every screen and menu

Same exact issue…help!!!


Yeah me too Help !!! Love playing this game but can’t due to this problem…

Same here. On Xbox One. Can’t play at all, since Tuesday, May 22.


That’s how it looks when I try to fight.

Bump for Dev response. game is literally unplayable for 2 days now. Xbox.

Has anyone tried uninstall reinstall game? Saves are tied to gamer tag on their server so you won’t lose save.


uninstall reinstall fixed issue for me. thanks.


Uninstall reinstall it’s how to fix it. Thanks guys!

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yeah awesome. uninstall. reinstall. works🙂

Hey guys, as mentioned reinstalling will resolve this issue. :slight_smile:
We also have an article on the issue here. Though it basically says everything that has been said.
And as UK mentioned just ensure you’re logged into your Xbox live account and you won’t lose progress.