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No gnome reward - new mythic mechanic

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Platform, device version and operating system
Windows 7, Steam

Screenshot or image
No needed

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I played team with new mythic Ubastet. New mythic kill pet gnome with his skill in PvP game. There was no pet event after. There is possibility that was gnome without reward but I’d like ask you about investigate this:) Maybe someone have this bug also?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First time 5 minutes ago

Steps to make it happen again
Probably kill this pet gnome with new mythic skill

Are you sure the gnome wasn’t just a troop that the opposing player owns?


Only gnomes with the bag in the top left corner give you rewards


like this its fake lol


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Yeah I know. But i’m not sure if was there or not

Here is the same situation you were describing and it works.
Your’s had to be just a fake pet gnome.

Pet Gnome means this had to occur in PVP. This means the battle is guaranteed to be logged in your recent battles list. So check that player’s team and see if it includes a Pet Gnome when you scout. If it does, you won’t trigger a pet event because the game didn’t spawn the gnome.

unless it was a casual battle then there is no record in log


Hello @bo13011 If you PM me your invite code I can check the logs and confirm this for you, but I will need the approximate time you completed the battle, who was on your team and who was on the enemy team to find the battle on our server history and confirm it.

It’s highly likely this is not a bug - I believe you just got a dunce fake gnome on the opposing team. We fixed all missing gnome reward issues this update. :slight_smile: For more info on gnome rewards you can go here.

@Cyrup I didn’t get Cedrics reward from the vault. I didn’t send in a ticket because at that time my guild didn’t have our sister guild and I wasn’t planning on using this account again. Is it too late for a ticket now this happened a couple of months ago?


Thx all for response:)
I believe that was my mistake.
I don’t remember approximate time and other detail about battle, so we can close this topic.