Unable to Initiate Fight on Guild Wars Attack Screen

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Platform, device version and operating system

Screenshot or image
Will add to post shortly…

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I started guild wars about 20 minutes after reset and had restarted system logging in and out prior to and 5 minutes after reset. I was able to start guild wars and completed first fight like a normal week. When I went to start second fight I could not press the FIGHT button or initiate the battle in any way on the GW menu or attack tab. Other members of my guild are also submitting tickets but are completely unable to start their first fights.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is the firs ttime it has happened but it’s happening to many users according to global chat on Xbox one. Some are in the middle of their 5 fights and unable to advance to next, others cannot start fights at all.

Steps to make it happen again
When I try to press fight there is no movement to that button and it does not let you press it. I pressed Y which would be the “register” option and get the following error message: "Guild Wars is Just Starting. You will need to leave the Guild Menu and re-enter it to participate.

I have attempted this.
I exited and QUIT the game.
I then exited, quit game, cleared local save data files for the game and hard reset Xbox.
I relogged into gems and it downloaded data from server side.

Still having same problem.

Please help. Easily our favorite part of the game for my guild and we’ve got so many members who this is only their first or second cycle doing GW and were really looking forward to it.

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Ps4. Game crashes when i press ‘x’ on gw battle screen. (No marker was in the corner of button.) in between (several) crashes opponent guild scored points.

Edit: was reading forum posts when reset occurred, GoW game was idly open.

Hi guys we are working on fixing this right now. I’ll let you know when we’re done thanks!


Thanks for the quick response Kafka

It should be fixed now! Please let us know if you continue having this issue

Closed and restarted; first try after fix crashed game again, then froze ps4 whilst loading error information - had to unplug it.

Seems to be working ok now, got through all 5 gw battles fine.

Still isn’t working…

Thank you!

@rainerNSR7 are you still having the issue? Please try closing and re-opening the game.