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3.3 Feedback and suggestions

Please post all feedback and suggestions regarding the new update 3.3. (released 22nd February) here. This is not a thread for bug reports.

For known issues go here
For our major issues, development updates on problems and their solutions, go here

Top suggestions and feedback

Other suggestions

New suggestions are added to the bottom

When is the update out?
Steam and Android should have the update. Console and iOS should be out by the end of the 22nd February 2018, we are waiting for the game to propagate to all servers.

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I am in love with the repeat explore button. Thank you <3


Solid Backgrounds for the board. Who said the devs don’t care about bunnies? :wink:


So i presume we will see the update really soon since you opened this thread? :slight_smile:

Repeat button look like the best feature, waiting to try new mode before giving feedback about it.

Yay! You can’t say I didn’t pester people for you :wink:

Yes, we hope to have it out on Xbox/console before the end of today. Android and Steam should be out but other platforms are still propagating :rocket: I’ll add this info to the top of the thread and the known issues so people know.


Crossing fingers to get it really quick so i can try to kill a gnome before bed :slight_smile:

Treasure Hunt in two places? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Also wouldn’t be better to have all mini-games of the same size instead of leaving Soulforge squashed at the bottom? I assume it’s to keep the menu similar to the kingdoms, and if that’s the case why not move Soulforge and leave a bigger animation cycling with each minigame available?


Dont forget bounty hidden off to the side

Oh you guys got it already? Nice

That big image is actually dynamic. So it won’t always be treasure hunt.


It’s not changing at all as i test different game modes… Or is it dynamic for each time i open the game?

Can you please explain what these are?


It’s dynamic based what’s available :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll notice that once you’re dungeons reset that they will replace Treasure Hunt there, and a few other ones can pop up too.

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Sirrian mentioned this in the sneak peak.

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Your troop’s ascension level. See how your Mythics are full, but your Legendary Aurai is 1 off from being full?


The ‘Play Again’ button is AMAZING!! Thank you!! <3

It’s the little things … :wink:

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Can Dark Maiden have her trait Snare back? I enjoy the new ancestry trait but her web on skulls was extremely helpful against specifically Lord Ironbeard on Red GW day. Cursed is negligible as a trait late game.


Could I ask for the “Play Again” option to be on the left hand side rather than the right? As when on console I tend to mash the A (Xbox) /X (PS4) buttons alot to skip and play again xD