3.0 Known Issues

Hey Guys,

3.0 Patch has been released, so we’ve created this place where we’ll list out any issues we hear about and keep you updated on our current progress with them. Please post any issues you see here.

Updated: 31st May 2017, 11:17 AM ADST


  • Guild chat is still losing lines. Status: We’ll take another look into this.


  • Arrows on Armor selection screen only go forward and don’t let players go backwards in the armor list. Status: Investigating
  • Hero with a racial perk (such as undead) is not counting for Progress events. Status: Investigating
  • Switching Armor or Difficulty isn’t being saved correctly. Status: Fixed in the Client Update
  • Titan class quest line isn’t unlocking correctly. Status: Investigating


  • Unusual +1 Defense Wins occurring in PVP. Status: Investigating
  • PVP Battles are giving 0 points when completed. Status: Investigating
  • Troop in first slot being killed but still being able to gain mana and cast spells. Potentially Abhorath exclusively. _Status: Investigating, Could be Abhorath’s trait bringing him back to life if he was killed by something like a Bombot (Similar to Life Drain bug). _
  • Ranked PVP defenses not calculating correctly. Status: Investigating
  • Defense teams resetting. Status: Investigating


  • Summoned troops are not getting Troop Event Bonuses correctly. Status: Investigating
  • On Skull Damage traits (like Frozen Soul, Bullseye, and Assassinate) will trigger even if the troop is entangled. Status: Investigating
  • Weekly Troop bonus disappears if reviewing Troop Traits. Status: Investigating
  • Disenchanting Troops is not rewarding Souls correctly. Status: Fixed in the Client Update
  • Trying to go to Ketras’ Crafting Menu is causing Downloading/ Lost Connection error on Android + iOS. Status: Investigating, Steam versions of the game seem unaffected by this.
  • Stealth trait working strangely when all troops have it on a team. Status: Investigating
  • Jaguar not showing it has been traited when it was. Status: Investigating
  • When Deathknight dies things get weird. Status: Investigating


  • Dispel Spell effect doesn’t display help text. Status: Fixed in the Client Update
  • Some troops display an empty help box when looking at their spell where the boost should be. Status: Should be fixed in the next update
  • Necrezza’s spell shows No Target if she is unable to summon a troop. Status: Fixed in the Client Update
  • Life drain causing troops to stay alive when hit by Bombat. Status: Investigating.
  • Humility’s trait doesn’t always trigger. Status: Investigating.
  • Enemy Queen Mab occasionally freezes the player’s troops on 4 or 5 gem matches. Status: Investigating.
  • Aspect of Death bug where when Death is transformed into a Toad, still has this trait. Status: Investigating.
  • Warg summoning Kerberos instead of a Dire Wolf. Status: Investigating.


  • Battle ends if the last troop summons/ resurrects when killed (Princess Elspeth or The Dragon Soul). Status: Investigating
  • Game gets stuck if the enemy team is killed by the Cursed trait. Status: Investigating
  • Kraken’s tentacles causes enemy troops with on skull damage status effect traits (like Chill Touch) to backfire on their own team next time they match skulls. Status: Investigating


  • Players are unable to log into Chat. Status: Fix is out. Restarting your Gems of War client should correct the issue.
  • VIP points showing 0/ VIP shield not displaying. Status: Investigating, this is a display issue only and you shouldn’t have lost any VIP points.
  • Teams changes are not saving correctly. Status: Fixed in the Client Update.
  • Redeem codes are not working correctly. Status: Investigating.
  • Account Linking is not working correctly. Status: Fix should be out.
  • Upgrading troops don’t reflect correctly in Kingdom Power until Game restart. Status: Fixed in the Client Update.
  • Leveling up a kingdom doesn’t give Kingdom stat to troops correctly until Game restart. Status: Fixed in the Client Update.
  • Changing Armor don’t reflect correctly until Game restart. Status: Fixed in the Client Update.
  • Tribute icon doesn’t disappear after tribute has been collected. Status: Investigating.
  • Framerate dropping after 15-20 explore battles. Status: Investigating.
  • Key Graphic on button not disappearing after using up all available keys. Status: Investigating.

~Guild Wars~

  • Team changes reverting (if you haven’t fought a battle) in Guild Wars when setting a defence team in or going into a battle.
  • Bonuses Pop Up in Sentinels tab not displaying correct calculations from Other guildmates sentinels. (We’re going to disable the numbers displaying from other players but the final number displayed will be correct amount).
  • After finishing the last battle for the day, the name of the last opponent doesn’t display.
  • Daily XP bonuses not displaying on the World Map (Restarting the game will fix this)
  • Ranking Leaderboard disappears temporarily when Guild War ends for the week.
  • Players who joined the day of reset can’t play in the current Guild War. Status: Investigating.
  • Mono color weapons are not applying points correctly in Guild Wars. Status: Investigating.
  • Guilds showing scores before GW starts. Status: Investigating.

~Fixed Issues~

  • Guild members who are ranked lower than 1 and 2 have no way to know if the guild is registered for next week’s guild wars.
  • When levelling up, the masteries shown on the left may be incorrect (most likely too high).
  • PVP Defence win/losses showing up with 0s and looping.
  • Necrezza’s spell may cause the game to lock up.
  • Explore Battles in a kingdom keep offering the same battle repeatedly.
  • Players are unable to log into Chat.
  • Account Linking is not working correctly

Clicking on the trait panel of a card still shows no weekly bonuses and still causes them to not be seen when clicking back to other panels of the card:

Just a minor one, a little black window in the upper right, possibly some text sneaked away… :stuck_out_tongue:

Already a known issue


I must have missed it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Cross posting from the other thread since it’s more than just me getting it it seems.

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Can you get us a screenshot?

After backing out of PVP after the second screenshot, just loop back up to the first.

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Hero may be showing the total spell masteries, not just due to the level when leveling up.

Yes, I’m getting no pvp points on either account; Stormchasee nor Listintira.

So the Defence pop up keeps looping?

I’m getting also getting zero PvP points for PvP wins.

The logs arent showing any points either.

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Yes. The yellow ! never goes away even after going into PVP and coming back out. Everytime I go into PVP I get the 0-0 defense result.

I got the same thing, but it went away after I exited and restarted the game. The yellow exclamation point didn’t show up again.

Modify that. My Listintira account had 2 defense losses and then when I went back to the main screen the yellow exclamation point was there and when I checked that, it showed no defense victories or losses. I exited the game and am going back in to see if it’s there. It’s OK.

Apparently the extra exclamation point will show up after you’ve been invaded, but will disappear if you exit and go back in.

Does look like that’s fixed it… thought I’d tried that, but apparently I hadn’t?

Can confirm this
Had no defenses, no ! showing
Did some pvp
! showed up, clicked it, collected 6 defenses (4 win, 2 loss)
! still showing, clicked it, 0/0 defends
Close, open, no !

We are currently deploying out a fix for the 0 PvP points after battle. That should be fixed within 5 or 10 minutes.

We will have a fix for the PvP Rewards icon (showing 0 wins and 0 losses) shortly after that.


Also, just fyi, the global chat is down (I assume it is just due to various client versions going on)

I’m currently in Global chat talking to some of the players.

What platform are you playing on @Rasper ?

Steam on PC, just tried it again

Same here, unable to connect to chat. Also on Steam.