Update 4.0 Known Issues

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PC and mobile
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Fixed in update 4.1 :white_check_mark: - This means that the issue has been fixed on the development team’s version of the game. Because this fix involves a code change, it needs to wait until the next game or client update.
Fixed :white_check_mark: - This means that the fix may have been done with a “data push” to the server. Restart your game by completely closing and reopening it to see the change. These fixes don’t require new updates so are usually instant.
Investigating The team is looking into the issue, testing the problem, or it’s still pending a fix at this stage.

3.5 known issues (PC/Mobile/Console)
AI doing things not legal by the "rules"
Changes to Known Issues list
Valuable trait not working
Discrepancy in daily task description (Fixed 4.1)
Not able to play....3 days now
Problem to launch the game (Error 768 Asset corruption on Xbox)
Ghosted Val Raven not giving Sigils
Placeholder text for all titles, no cards in collection (resolved)
(Resolved) Xbox One -- UNEXPECTED_ERROR_NULL
GW Def Teams Not Sticking
Guild Wars troop defenses were changed
Está com a informação errada, acho que outros cards também!
Persistent text on top of screen (Android)
[Resolved] Megavore 3rd Trait Killing Own Team
4.1 update altered GW defense team
Problema com Bounty Score
(Not a bug) Pet team reverting to prior version
PvP defense team won't change
Parrot silencing 1st slot
(Fixed) Troops with letter with accent in french version in wrong position
Wrong translation in french (fixed)
(Resolved) Purchased Skeleton key weapon, not showing up in inventory
Arena constantly fielding same Delve enemies 2
Nao estou conseguindo entrar no jogo aparece asset_corruption_error code768
Loading Troops crashes client
Dragon eye keep getting no available targets
(Resolved) Getting Mail that Says I’ve already collected guild task rewards, but haven’t changed guilds!
Delve Win (1st room) Counted as Loss?
New Mythic not appearing in troops list (Resolved)
Arena crash (less than 15) (Resolved)
Lacking expexted renoun
Error code 768 on x box one
(Not a Bug) Agile not working at proper percentage
Form of a Screen Freeze
Game crashes in events with tokens including hero class event
Game freezes in delves
Class not leveling, I'm lvl 49, warlord lvl 19, everything in class is blocked out or zero, do I need to be lvl 20? (Not a bug)
No weapon given when purchased in weekly win Shop (Resolved)
Le nombre de quêtes indiqué n'est pas le bon et je ne peux avoir mon royaume puissance 1 à cause de ça
Nombre de quêtes incorrect, impossible de monter la puissance du royaume
Something wrong with damage dealed to Drake Rider
Level 10 Faction Horde Multiplier With Full Delve Victory (Resolved)
Guild Chat on CONSOLE 2

Yessss the video worked lol


What video?

In another thread i posted a video saying everytime i post it the update go live :slight_smile:

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You’re a Mystic, Harry.


So I unlocked both factions before comparing profiles with someone else to update the achievement list on Xbox One.

Anything I can do to unlock A Whole New (Under)World?

Literally unplayable


I don’t understand the issue @AlphaNate?

The Die Another Day Achievement unlocked no problem but not the other one for unlocking a faction, so… now what.

It’s the Apostrophe of Doom! (Aka Grammar mistake)

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Did you restart your console and game?

“It’s” is a contraction. You have a grammatical error still present. I reported it to three different staff members. They all said they’d pass it along.

Oh, that one! Yes, thank you for the report. Unfortunately “pass it along” does not mean it will be fixed, it just means we’ve done our best to ensure it’s been mentioned to the team. I’ll follow up on it.

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Okay, thank you. :slight_smile:

Console once, game multiple times. nothing happened. I know people with the achievement, so its not like no one has unlocked it.

If your mobile crashes during a delve battle, does that mean the delve finishes - you can only claim rewards? I can see how the game would need to stop players force-quitting, so I guess it’s just my bad luck… :frowning:

No, you have individual delve rooms, you can still access the other delve rooms. @TheIdleOne I can lock the Faction and get you to unlock it again - you will need to keep your game closed. What do you think? It might resolve it?

@Cyrup Im willing to try it. I played Delve once in Hall of Guardians, so locking All-Seeing Eye is preferred. At the very least, hopefully Luther becomes less ambitious in telling me I have something new in the Underworld.

Game is closed, I’m willing to wait.

When I logged back into the game after my whole phone crashed, I got this screen. Clicking on the uncompleted rooms showed me the room name, but didn’t give me any “Fight” button to click.