(Fixed) Troops with letter with accent in french version in wrong position

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Platform, device version and operating system:

Xbox french version

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Im expecting to see my troops in troops inventory classified from A to Z order. but since 4.1 update, all troops that begin with a letter with accent like é or à are all placed in very bottom of inventory after the Z letter.
An exemple: The soul dragon is in French called âme draconique and must be placed in group letter A but it is now after Z group.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Happen everytime since 4.1

Steps to make it happen again

Load the game in french language and open troops inventory.

Hi @anon43026234
Are you using the “Skip” (down downwards green arrow) when looking at Troops? Are you ordering by A>Z, and seeing the issue? I realise it might be the later but I would like to confirm. :+1:

Hi @Cyrup

Yes I use A-Z default order. I can scrolll with or without green arrow, problem still remain. For exemple, in french version, “Âme draconique” (The Dragon soul, legendary troop from Dragons claw kingdom) should be placed in “A” group between Alchemist and Amira in 7th position of all troops. I was able to see him on the 1st group of 8 troops that appear when opening troop inventory. Now he is after Z group at the very bottom.

Here the 12 troops (in French) who are now placed after the Z group:
Âme draconique
Âme gnome
Çu Sith
Éclaireur centaure
Écorce de fer
Élu de Yasmine
Élémentaire de lave
Épéiste des sortilèges
Étrangleur du marais

Since 4.1 update, the game consider these letters with accent (À, Ç and É) as different letters than normal “A, C and E” and classify them after the “Z” group at the very bottom of list. Its really a problem to find certain troops now.

Also there is the same kind of problem when its the 2nd (or 3rd, 4th,…) letter of the troop name. For exemple at letter “B” group, Bébé dragon (baby dragon), Béhémoth and Bête noire (Black beast) are all 3 placed after Bulette at the very end of “B” group which is not normal. Bé… should be placed before Bu… and it was the case before update 4.1.

I hope all that will help you to fix this problem.


I feel your pain about all the poor sorting, @anon43026234, but this particular transliteration is not good.

Cu Sith is Gaelic, so it doesn’t need any change for French anyway, but it’s pronounced “Koo Shee”. The cedilla in the French version makes it sound like “sushi”.

Borrowing from Gaelic mythology is all cool, but please don’t make pronouncing it harder for folk by spelling it wrong.

Fortunately, the simple fix of replacing a normal C at the start will fix the spelling and the sorting (at least for this one troop).

Thanks, I’ve made a note for the team to look into

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Thank you.

This problem with letter with accent is fixed now with 4.2. Thanks! @Cyrup


Huzzah! :confetti_ball: :smiley:

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