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Something wrong with damage dealed to Drake Rider

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I have seen it happen more than once now and today it happened again.

While doing battle in the Boss Raid I wacked Drake Rider with Hope’s Cresent.
At that time Drake Rider had 84 shield and 84 life.
Hope’s Cresent is destroying the armor and doing 84 damage (3 x 28) and it shows that too.
But after been hit Drake Rider remains with 5 armor and 5 life.
This Ain’t right, ok in taking damage Drake Rider gains 5 armor in taking damage when traited but this shouldn’t be possible since he doesn’t have any life lift since 84 - 84 = 0 and thus he should be destroyed.

As far as I know, destroying or stealing Armor (and Life) is considered dealing damage. I don’t know if this is a bug or if it is intended.
So what happened is:

  • Hope’s Cresent destroys Drake Rider’s Armor, triggering its Orc Armor. Drake Rider now has 5 Armor and 84 Life.
  • Hope’s Cresent deals 84 damage to Drake Rider’s, with 79 damage to its Life. This triggers its Orc Armor again. Drake Rider now has 5 Armor and 5 Life.

I think you might have guessed right in this instance for Drake Rider… but I think the game is very patchy on these interactions elsewhere… for example, I am pretty sure that ‘destroy armour’ bypasses Barriers…

@mithran any research / insights on this matter?

Destroy armour does indeed bypass barrier.
I’ve used it on Tower’s whenever they’ve barriered before i manged, so i still get a large benefit out of them.

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That’s not logical.
If you follow how everything happens is goes as follows:
I hit Drake Rider and destroy his armor then I deal 84 damage and then the traits of Drake rider should kick in but by then he is destroyed……

Esplin is just pointing out how the game behaves. Not trying to convince you that it’s logical, which i also agree it’s not.

All orcs will trigger their “Orc Something Trait” when they lose all armor, so your calculations should account for that because it’s unlikely the devs will/can fix this for this event…

As of 3.5, traits that trigger when taking damage (orc traits, counterattack, frenzy) also started triggering even if the damage you took only hit armor. However, straight armor reduction still doesn’t count as “damage” with respect to barrier interactions, which is my litmus test to whether something is “damage” or “not damage”, which means these traits are specifically coded to also trigger from armor reduction. However, also in 3.5, having your armor burning will now hit and consume the barrier, whereas before it would only consume barrier if it was going to deal damage to life, meaning they also changed how burning damage was applied. However, reflected skull damage (Infernal Armor, Thorns) that is decidedly “damage” but only happens to hit armor on that one hit still will not interact with barrier, despite still being “damage” dealt to the troop matching skulls - if the damage spills over past armor and into life, then it will consume your remaining armor and consume barrier, leaving you with full life, no armor, and no barrier. I haven’t tested Deathmark trigger yet, but prior to 3.5, it had a similar interaction with barrier - strip all armor, then deal lethal damage (the damage portion of which is blocked by barrier, leaving you with no armor, no barrier, and deathmark still on the troop). I’m betting this hasn’t changed.

Basically, “damage” still refers to a bunch of different things and is wildly inconsistent. In the case of “when I take damage” traits, “damage” means damage or reduction to armor.

Side note - the last thing I want to see here is a “fix” that makes armor destroy start interacting with barrier. This would allow Death Mark to deal lethal activation damage through barrier only by virtue of being a weirdly coded two-step process and removing a potential counter.


I’ll double check what counts as dealing damage for you, but Hope’s C also does damage after destroying armor, so this may also have triggered the Drake Rider’s first Trait.