New Mythic not appearing in troops list (Resolved)

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Platform, device version and operating system:
iPAD pro 2, iOS 12

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I opened the game a bit after midnight (Pacific Time), and the event splash screen informed me that the new mythic was available. But when I opened the troops list (filtering by “unowned”) - she did not appear there.
It’s now almost noon, and she is appearing as expected.

My frustration is that I dropped a few thousand glory keys and nearly a thousand gem keys during the time that the event splash said she was available, but before she was ACTUALLY available for drop.

Steps to make it happen again
I’ve often noticed that event announcements show up at midnight my time (Pacific) but things don’t actually update until 1am or even 2am. Since I’m generally asleep this isn’t an issue, but unfortunately the times I’m awake that late I often forget about the lag. And sometimes it costs me a lot of stuff, like early this morning.

I hope you get compensation.

But beware: it’s not uncommon that sometimes things show up late or not at all when we expect them. I’ve learned it’s best to always check the forums before assuming all went well. If it’s exactly when I think the troop should be there, I wait. I’ve got a whole week to spend those keys, so it’s best to wait until I know for sure.


My wife started the Xbox game up about three hours before this post, and since there was no lag going into troop menu it was obviously restarted recently :sweat_smile:
Mythic was missing from unowned, restarted the game two hours ago and she was now in unowned. 2700 gem keys and I got her.

Hey there, Fallen Valdis was available at daily reset (7am GMT) for everyone, even if your game client hadn’t refreshed and she wasn’t showing up in your unowned troops, she was still available from your chests.

If you had received her from the chests you opened, she would simply appear in your troop list once your game had refreshed later.


Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

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