AI doing things not legal by the "rules"

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Platform, device version and operating system:
Nextbook Tablet - no idea on version or Op system …

Screenshot or image:

  • Have not been able to catch it in the act in a screenshot, as its multiple turns, and I do not have th ability to record.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
What I am doing :
Just playing normal games, in Faction Event, and in PVP vs Firebomb teams
Have seen it in normal Explore runs but less often -
The AI takes either 2 turns in rapid succession or gets a free turn when it should not such as
Match 3 skulls, cast a ability
or Cast a ability match 3 cast again

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Started about a month ago - happens often enough to notice, not often enough to give a timeline. At first i thought it was because I ran the Graphics too fast… and was not “seeing” the 4 match - then i slowed it down and it continued. things like
Match 3 skulls – cast firebomb ability
Cast ability from a monster that does not give a extra turn (turn should end) but - then it
Match 4
Cast another ability (legit cast due to real extra turn from 4 match )

Steps to make it happen again
Can’t give steps to make it happen again as it does it randomly

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I feel like I’ve had this happen many times before. Even tried to submit a gif on the firebomb issue. Didn’t get a follow up to it.
I don’t think there will be serious attention spent on it until video evidence is taken. Unfortunately, I’m not going to record every single match I play. So good luck.

Well if you use an Nvidia card you can use the replay feature, I have mine set up to record last five minutes of gameplay of any game I play, so all I have to do if I see something rare is press a combination of buttons and the PC saves those last five minutes ( can be as higher as 20 ).

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As i play on a tablet i do not think its a Nvida card in there. lol

As for them not doing anything, I am guessing its the AI’s way of staging “harder” fights - but i would assume that when you run the mode on Normal this should be never happen then,

But yea, no way to “re-create” it or capture it in a screen shot , maybe im SoL -
Just seems as of late they have been doing it a bit more and figured i would post to make sure that i was not just seeing things and or going insane. My guild said they see it from time to time as well,

my favorite reply was from one of my guildies “Its the games way of telling you that yes you might think your team is great, but one slip up and volia… your toast, thank you for playing”

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@awryan can you please put the gif here so I can see it?

We’ll test for the issue, but if you already have a gif that would be incredibly helpful.

My mistake @Kafka. The gif I took a while back shows that the “extra turn” image never displays. Which could be the same issue as the OP. The AI gets an extra turn. But the words “extra turn” never appear on the screen. Making our brains go: :person_shrugging:
The AI did get a 4 gem blue match thanks to 3 blue gems cascade drop. Good ol luck factor. :roll_eyes:


@Kafka - I do not wish to be a pain. truth be told i enjoy the game, got my friends to join up , and while I might be blind once in a while, its doubtful 2-3 people are not seeing the exact same things. Sadly - i do not have a gif, or video of this happening, maybe ill try and record it with my phone next time I am playing - lol

But we have seen the AI match 3 and still cast, on the same turn - or cast and then get to match afterwards (less often) - I see it a LOT in firebombs, but have seen it in Faction FIghts, and the like as well… now when it annoys me just enough i log off, lol

Thank you however for looking into it @Kafka - and nice to see you in game too -

Ok, I’ll make a bug report so we can investigate it. Thanks

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The AI gets after a 3er an Extraturn