(Resolved) Getting Mail that Says I’ve already collected guild task rewards, but haven’t changed guilds!

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Platform, device version and operating system: Mobile, IPhone 6s, IOS 12.0.01

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This morning, I checked my mail, expecting to collect the rewards for the tasks my guild mates finished, which is usually one piece of mail that says “your guild has completed a number of tasks” or something to that effect. I received that piece of mail, but also a several pieces that say my guild member had completed a task but I could not collect the reward because I already had in another guild. I haven’t switched guilds so this doesn’t make any sense, I’ve been in this guild for checks GoW 35 days.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It has only happened one thus far, at 6:30am EST.


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We’ve had that happen in our guild as well. It’s the second week in a row now.

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Several of my guild members have said the same thing has happened, but this is the first week for us, as far as I know. Definitely the first week for me.

I had this happen too, I jus tposted about it here: I was claming Guild Tasks Rewards, but was told that I had already received the reward in another Guild. (I’ve not changed Guilds!)

Hi there @Eirian sorry this happened :frowning:

I’ve resent the rewards to your mail

It looks like Tagfish and Firebeard completed some Tasks at the same time. Please see if you can let your Guild mates know to avoid contributing at the same time :slight_smile: