(Not a Bug) Agile not working at proper percentage

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Platform, device version and operating system:
PC Windows 8

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Agile is listed as a 20% skill, yet it is operating at 100% for the first hit and well above 20% for subsequent hits

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
All the time, in every mode

Steps to make it happen again
Play the game and match skulls

Hi aartemis,

thanks for reporting this, however we have not been able to reproduce the issue you’re describing.

It’s working as intended, you’ve just had some bad luck (if on enemy’s team, if on your team nice!)


Princess Fizzbang “always” explodes gems too,

RNG hates us :laughing:

Typical useless response. It’s amazing how problems are always “bad luck”.

I know people always state that the percentages only seem wrong in the instances they work against you, but out of everything in this game the agile percentage does seem the most broken and unreliable. I’m no longer shocked when the ai blocks a skull attack 5 times on the run.

I don’t see how RNG is a bug. Yes it is annoying but that’s how it is.


Here’s the thing: proving the percentage is wrong is pretty hard, and takes a lot of different people to confirm.

It is easy to disprove 100% on the first time, though. Set up a defense team with Nobend at the front, then fight it. Over and over. One skull hit is enough to disprove your theory. Play a dozen matches. Then play a dozen more. Somewhere around 30 matches I’d start believing 100% on the first.

Proving the 20% is off overall is much, much harder. It would take recorded proof of thousands of skull hits to even start to approach a firm conclusion. The thing that so few people truly understand is even a perfectly functional RNG can produce “odd” streaks. Do not fall into the trap of thinking, “This has a less than 1% chance of happening” means the same thing as, “This should not happen at all.” There are thousands of players playing hundreds of thousands of games daily. That means 1 in 100,000 is happening every second to someone.

Probability doesn’t care if it picks the same person twice in a row. When we say it treats everyone equally, we mean “with indifference”. It doesn’t think, “Oh, I gave that guy some bad luck earlier, if I do it again he’ll get salty”. It doesn’t care. So sometimes, you get hit hard by a streak of bad luck. Unless a significant portion of the game’s players are also getting hit that hard, it’s very, very hard to prove your bad luck is more than just bad luck.


Very true, I remember playing roulette at the casino and red came out 15 times on the run!!!

Because hitting 4 skulls only for Agile to appear every time in Raid is ridiculous. That is so stupid and even worse with Artema who has 40% chance. Don’t even get me started on Agile Delve trait… basically makes all enemies with Agile in delves have Dexterous (and whatever Artema has if she appears in the future at 60%).

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I still think probability is working normally here, but I want to step outside of that statement to make statements about how I feel. I’m not speaking directly to you or arguing at you, but I think my diversion here makes the most sense if it’s in response to your post.

It is very, very disheartening to enter a competitive game mode at such a disadvantage. We are already facing off against troops that are powerful enough to wipe our team with one lucky cascade. It is salt in the wound to also give them the ability to evade 20% of our attacks.

This is a mode where we are trying to get points to help our guild get prizes. But it is very true that, at some point, the levels of the opponents are so high we start losing and getting less points. One can sort of manage this by opting to intentionally lose, but we don’t know what enemies are in the next round so it’s never clear if we should fold or hold, and if we decide to power on there is no way to go back.

I get upset when a game is “too easy”, but I still play it. But when a game is too hard I back out fast. I only played Dark Souls for a week or two before I had enough. I’d still rate it a 10/10, I just don’t care to spend that much time practicing one game. I’ve played like 6 games in the time it would’ve taken me to master Dark Souls, and that makes me happier.

Agility, Devour rates, and a lot of other randomness in raid/invasion/etc. do that to me in GoW. I have an ego. I’m proud to be in a competitive guild. I like to impress my guildmates. But some weeks I can’t get to any Valravens fast enough, or I don’t win the dice rolls enough, and I end up with half the score other people who bought my tier have even though I have the same troops and often the same team.

That hurts my feelings. And people don’t tend to stick with activities that hurt their feelings.

So, looping back around to Lissandra’s post:

I don’t care what probability says. I absolutely hate it when the stars align for me to do a massive skull hit and it’s nullified by RNG. I’d rather a bug.

Hey Slyp described well.

I believe for most spells/traits etc in the game there is a counter measure.

Think of Gems as a giant game of rock, paper, scissors, spock, lizard…

Stun counters Agile.

As RNG and AI cheating has been discussed to death and we have articles about it on the help centre, I’m going to close this thread now.

You are more than welcome to continue the discussion in gameplay discussion or the feedback sections of the forum.