Bug Reports

Unable to download server config & Connection Timed out Server (8)
New update bug on Kazhiel Kingdom power (7)
Daily Task "join or create a guild" not completing (3)
[BUG] doomskull and wrong enemy (2)
[BUG] No extra turn when there should be extra turn (3)
Advancement from power level 7 bugged (2)
Lost all but 1 copy of leveled to mythic Gob Chomper (13)
Incorrect power at kingdom power level 5 (4)
Game doesn't end after all troops are dead (2)
Pet gnome didn’t work (5)
Game freezes when accessing troop menu ( 2 ) (30)
Invasion has a bug when using The Worldbreaker (5)
Reduce damage from spell 20% is broken (5)
Achievements not showing as completed (2)
Kingdom Power stuck at Zero after patch 3.5 (8)
Crashes doing many things (1)
Ghost enemy troop preventing invasion points from registering (1)
Ubastet 3 kill shot (7)
Sort by Spell Effect: devour is missing many troops (1)
Where did my dwarf avatar appearance? (2)
Adana Power Level 6 Lists 2/3 Weapons but I have 3 (2)
Treasure hunt no longer counting towards tasks (2)
No Gems on board and Showing Dev Code (7)
Bug on Kingdom Skill Bonus (Divinion Fields) (4)
Wins still count as losses (4)
Missing invasion tower kill (1)
Casual PvP hbjfcx (6)
Dwarven Gate cannot be devoured [Fixed] (8)
Lost sigil due to the error (4)
Transformer levels wrong in arena (1)