Bug Reports

Gems of War: How to Report a bug or game glitch (9)

To report a bug or game glitch in Gems of War please use this forum category. Create a new topic and fill in the template. You can also copy paste the template below. If you require help with a game issue or are Missing…

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Do not receive alerts on android and windows 7 about finding a pet after start new game day (2)
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Unblock the banned by bug on Xbox one (18)
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I summoned a Baby Dragon on the Enemy's Side! (7)
No opponents in todays GW (14)
Several typos in the Interface (2)
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PvP Diversity Issues ( 2 ) (39)
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PvP Rewards Notification Triggering despite being turned off (6)
Game freeze after completing a zone quest line (2)
(Not a bug) Account recovery (3)
Anu's Sceptre does not work properly (4)
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Mistakes of Russian localization ( 2 ) (24)
PS4 troop search problem (2)