Bug Reports

Bug with Lion and Tiger upgrade VIII (5)
I can't see the gems (4)
Gem Match / Mana Bug (9)
Game Freesing When Scrolling to Defence Tab in PVP Menu (5)
Bug report / PVP completion not ending battle (11)
No gold from Gnome Vault (2)
Fehler im gamertag von spiel (6)
[Not a Bug] Sand Scuttler's spell locks all Sand Scuttlers (11)
Tribute chance for kingdom level 9? (4)
Warhawk does't get extra turn (5)
Anu's Sceptre not destroying blue (6)
Game freezes at end of Raid battle (5)
Splash damage of +9 Earth Fury crash games ( 2 ) (21)
Invasion/Raids Crescent Crashing Ending Hopes (17)
I’m having issues with the shop (3)
Bandits steal small gold (5)
Russian translation - some errors (2)
3 event gems battle?(4 pvp casual) (12)
Unable to purchase daily dungeon 50 gem diamond pack today (7)
'Stun on being hit' not working consistently with troops doing something on hit (5)
Vanguard Not Working In PvP Defense (2)
Ubastet will kill 3 troops with his attack if one has "summon on death" perk (9)
Wrong work of Life Steal+Submerge (2)
Hero traits not working on defense (6)
My team (no negative status effects) not getting extra turns on four matches (2)
A triggerable game freeze (2)
Italian Translation Mistakes (2)
Any special event troops haven't resurrection/summon bonuses (15)
Tome of Evil Ascension Bug (9)
Bard´s Inspiration is not doing what it should (Not a bug) (9)