Wrong translation in french (fixed)

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Xbox french version

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

  1. On all shops that award a special troop when spending gems on tiers (Invasion shop, Raid boss shop,…), it is written in color text “1 troop guaranteed” In the french version, it is written in the game “Guaranti”. The correct spelling is “Garanti” no letter U.

  2. Ubastet cast explanation is now written all in english. The rest of the card (3 traits) is correctly in french.

  3. Dawnbringer cast explanation in french say “amélioré par tout les alliés jaunes” (boosted by all yellow allies). Which is wrong, correct is “amélioré par TOUTES les troupes jaunes” (boosted by ALL yellow troops) yellow ennemies also participate to the boost.

Hey @anon43026234 thanks for pointing those out.

We’ve fixed #2 and I’ve reported the other 2 translation issues to the team to check.

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@Kafka Boosté also not french we should read amélioré par

Thank you @Kafka

lol ricky I know in Québéc you are fighting all anglicism. I agree “boosté” is not very french like. But its already used in some other troop in the game, I think. Also is “Améliorer” really meaning “booster”? in dictionnary it say “améliorer” = “improve”. Its hard to give an exact translation to “boost”. Maybe “amplifier” ?

Is that a dialect/regional choice of words or actually incorrect? :slight_smile:

France and French speaking part of Switzerland use word “Boosté” and I found it in the french dictionnary so I think its no prob to use it. :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: I just saw that in fact its indeed written “amélioré par…” and not “boosté par…” in Dawnbringer weapon. So @Rickygervais was right. I must have made a confusion with another troop in the game where its written “boosté par…”. But that said, the problem I wrote about the fact its all yellow troops (allies and enemies) that give the boost to Dawnbringer and not only the yellow allies still need to be corrected in the French description. :slightly_smiling_face:

The real term should be « amplifier » , meaning, as you guessed, amplified.

“Améliorer” is ok too. The damages are “improved” (“amélioré”) by all yellow troops for Dawnbringer exemple. Thats the word used for the French version of the game for troops with such effect.

Problems 1 and 3 (of my opening post) are still not fixed in 4.2 update. @Kafka

Maybe if I could contact directly the person in charge of the French translation, it would go faster and save you time as well for all actual and future translation mistakes?

Hey @anon43026234 , I just checked this and found both corrections were in game. Did you install the update yet?

Hi @Kafka, yes I have installed the update since yesterday and for me I still see Danwbringer stating “effet amélioré par les alliés jaunes” (effect boosted by yellow allies) when in reality it should be written: “effet amélioré par TOUTES les troupes jaunes” (effect boosted by ALL yellow troops). Because all yellow enemy troops also participate to the bonus boost, not only the yellow allies.

About problem 1, its still written in all shops “Guaranti” in place of correct spelling “Garanti”.

For exemple, this weeks Raid boss event, in the Raid boss shop at Tiers 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 where you can receive the new Godslayer troop Tarantello, its written in blue “x5 Tarantello Guaranti”. Correct is “x5 Tarantello Garanti”.
This problem is on all shops that give these special troops. So today I can also see the pet rescue shop stating at Tiers 3 to 7 “x1 Moon Moon guaranti” same mistake. Letter “U” must be removed.

Hmm, it sounds like the localisation files haven’t downloaded correctly for you.
Please make sure your email address is registered to your Gems of War account and then reinstall the game to see if that fixes it.

Attached screenshots of correct translations:

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How can I register my email address to my Gems of war account? I am on Xbox. I searched in option menu and didnt find the “Link account” option.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall the game but I still see the wrong translations.

Hi @Kafka nothing is fixed here, i got same than truxton and a bunch of text not translated, i would post them all but i gave up since i already did 4-5x and never been fixed

Ah ok, I didn’t know you were on Xbox Truxton. I’ve made a bug report so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

We have the updated files but obviously they’re not working correctly on Xbox.

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Hi @Kafka ,

Problems 1 and 3 of OP still not fixed on my French version on Xbox.

Also since Fang Moor faction, all the new troops (Fang Moor included) are in English for me. The name of the troop, the spell description and new traits. Only thing still in French are the traits (if its not a new one).

Hey @anon43026234 this isn’t an issue with the localisation itself but rather problems with the localisation files being downloaded and installed on Xbox.

This issue should be fixed in the next update (4.3).

This article explains and suggests work arounds (it mentions Fang Moor Questline specifically but also applies to the other parts of the translation you’re having):

I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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Thanks @Kafka ! Happy to know all should be back to normal in 4.3.

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Hi @Kafka

I can confirm that problems 1 and 3 of my opening post are now fixed! At least it is for me on xbox, french version of the game. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: (problem 2 have already been fixed before this update 4.3)