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Time for another quick peek at our upcoming Guild Wars system!

The Schedule

If your guild is participating in a Guild War, on the first (rest/organization) day of the week, you will be given 6 enemy guilds to fight against, one for each of the remaining 6 days, as you can see in the image above.

You’ll also see that every day has a color associated with it - day 1 is “blue day”, day 2 is “green day”, etc…

And each day has room to display the points both you and the rival guild will earn.

What are these “points” of which you speak?

Each battle fought by a guild member (in a Guild War) earns points for their guild. Each day, as you square off against a rival guild, your points are tallied, and the side with more at the end of the day wins a small reward!

How do we calculate those points. Well, wins are obviously worth more points than losses, with small bonuses for how well you win! (don’t ask! we’re still working on the details here, and we’ll have more info when we get to the Attackers tab)

In case anyone is wondering though, each player in a guild only gets 5 attacks per day in the war, so people can’t play 100’s of battles to dominate the Guild War system.

What do the colors & statues mean?

Each day has a color theme for the attackers to try out. On the first day (blue day), you will get bonus points in any guild war battle for each blue troop in your team. Want to maximize your points? Then you’ll need to figure out an entirely blue team to do so… but even 1 or 2 blue troops will still give you a (smaller) bonus.

The actual bonus itself is dependent on the level of your Guild Statues, and can be from 20% to 30% (we’re still tinkering with the formula & numbers here… just a warning!

I can see a “rankings” tab… How do those Points factor into that?

More details to come… But there are some bonuses applied in the rankings system - they’re not just a points tally of the points from each battle - so fighting higher ranked guilds will push you further up the rankings, in such a way that the best, most organized guilds should bubble to the top.
(in other words don’t worry, we’re actively trying to stop exploits from under-levelled guilds/players)


Yay more info! Looking good!

Does this mean that the higher level guilds will have an advantage against lower level ones, due to higher guild statues? And how is this likely to factor in to match making? Could a guild in theory focus on one statue to try and get a high bonus for one of the days to hopefully overshadow their lower bonuses on the other days?

Another question: presumably there will also be “undead days” and “dragon days” in addition to “blue days” and “brown days”?

@Ozball: assuming the bonuses range from 20%-30%, it’s probably not worth trying to maximize a single statue, since the extra bonus you get is less than the bonus associated with having anything at all (10% < 20%).

Yes to limited number of attacks per day!


True, though I guess it depends at what kind of scale the bonus gets applied. Eg if, for example, you get the first 5% (from 20-25%) from the first 50 statue levels, but it doesn’t max out until statue level 200, then there might be ways to maximize bonuses that way? Or if the scale is the other way around. (unlikely as it would probably provide a too big a bonus to higher level guilds, but just talking in theory here)

Looks like there are 6 more team types that need to be created. The teams that form from that will be interesting.


I’m just ready to see what this all leads to. The complete picture. I can’t get excited yet.


5 games per player per day, and the results are super important to the guild’s performance? Sure hope server and/or connection problems don’t factor into that.


Nice ;-).

  1. Do Guild Wars battles give trophies or not?
  2. Do Event bonus works in Guild Wars?

I’m curious what the unique “things” are that can only be obtained from guild wars. It hasn’t really been clarified if it is new cards, weapon, or something completely different.


So there will be an high degree of risk and rewards regarding team selection (even more so when there are only 5 chances). Going for an uni-color team you can have high scores but the risk of losing is also great. One thing for sure, we will see much use of anti-color troops such as Amira and Desdaemona in defensive teams.


@Sirrian I know Guild Wars isn’t completed yet, and we don’t how far off release is, but will you all consider making a video of Guild Wars in its entirety before you do release it? Like you used to do…

Ideally at least a week before you release it? So we can understand it fully and be prepared.


Please let’s keep this one on topic.


Yes! And we now have @Saltypatra to help with that, so it’s more likely to get done!


Thank you very much! Very helpful.

I’m itching to make more video content! All the previews! All the sneak peeks! (Well, maybe not ALL of them, but certainly some.)


(But when???)


Sirrian has such a nice speaking voice too…And he doesn’t drop random syllables from words, which seems to be a common aussie habit. That and abreviating everything. Brekie? Maccas?

I still don´t understand why we be forced to use a specific colour to get more bonus.
But well, let´s see first.

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