Guild Wars - Sneak Peek II

@Sirrian, am I understanding this correctly that in order to maximize points, all guild members must complete (i.e. Win) 5 guild fights each day (well 6 out of 7 days each week, I guess)?

This means to be competitive guilds are going to have to start requiring members to log in and play almost every day of the week? I’m not looking forward to seeing what that results in. Granted 5 fights shouldn’t take that much time but that’s one more requirement we’ll have to enforce now.
Can’t say I’m happy about that.

Edit: I should add overall this is looking interesting but I don’t like having to force my members to play the way the game demands them to rather than how they want to. This is just one more factor that will increase player burn out.

Edit 02/23/2017: For anyone coming to this Sneak Peak II for the first time and reading through the comments, the devs have updated how GW will work. Here is what Sirrian wrote (yay!):


Sirrian’s voice is so perfect for voice overs, unlike my high pitched Aussie twang.


Guild Wars appears to be based on an “opt-in” basis
But in reality, if a guild is “semi-serious” it seems it would likely lose to a more “serious” guild. Once again the new rating/ranking system might help with that after the first few weeks.
Guess we will have to wait and see (and speculate in the meantime!)


What I’m more concerned with this (Guild Wars) is it seems to be adding another mechanic that requires players (who want to be in competitive guilds) to play the game in a very ridged fashion instead of giving players choices in how and when they want to play. Many of our guildmates are adults who can’t play everyday but who still produce hardcore stats each week because they crank them out over 3 or 4 days. Now we’ll have to require that they play almost everyday which reduces the “fun” of playing and makes it more of a chore/job. This in turn increases player burnout.

I’m hoping I’m wrong about how I’m interpreting what I read. :frowning:


Or you accept that your guild will never be fully competitive if it’s filled with casual players. There’s nothing wrong with not maximizing every possible bonus each week. I say this as the guild leader of a guild that hasn’t broken 20k seals in at least two months, and which has only rarely completed even a 300k guild task (let alone finishing a statue).


It depends a bit on how the guild wants to operate. Remember that Guild Wars isn’t compulsory for guilds to participate in. (though granted we haven’t seen what the rewards are yet)

This is what Sirrian wrote in the part one of the sneak preview:

“It has to get Guilds talking and coordinating their members”.

So there you go. It does mean a lot of extra work for the guild leader.

Only 20 of the top 50 put in as many trophies as Ogunther’s guild. So i’m sure his players feel like they are doing just fine and as much as they need/want to.

So if someone in the top 20 finds an issue with something, maybe others will as well. If what he is saying is true of course.


On my side i dont see it as a problem. Imagine if it wasnt 5 per day but rather unlimited amount of battles. Now that would require a lot of playing. 5 battles per day seem like very very reasonable.
To add to that, i love that we will get more points from using specific teams, that will inspire guilt coordination, so that the members of the guild find the best strategy :slight_smile:


Actually, we’re closer to the top 20 when it comes to trophies each week; we just happen to be in 29th place :wink:


Cool stuff coming :slight_smile:

@sirrian can we have more team slots for the six extra teams we’ll need to design?


I can see top guilds making this requirement. But, as it stands, there isn’t a way to know who has done the requirement since we no longer have an activity log. So, unless they add an activity log back into the game, the requirement will be pretty useless.


This is going a bit off topic but only 20 of the top 50 did over 10k trophies last week:


And yes that means you “beat” us :wink:


But, in order for a guild to maximize points, they won’t need to just require 5 wins per day from each member, those wins also have to be made with a team that also maximizes the points so you’ll also need to create a special team per day, too.

Once again, this isn’t a huge time investment on a daily basis but having to do it 6 days a week every week is going to get tedious and tedium leads to burn out. I’d rather not see that happen if it can be avoided :slight_smile:


Yes please.


Its nothing that has to be done :slight_smile:
While id say 5 battles a day in that system will be a must, using a team that maximizes points is on discretion of each individual member. I know ill try to inspire our members to do so, but i sure wont force them if they dont feel like it :grin:

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Not just for the guild leader, but for each member, too. And not fun work, busy work. I’d rather not add a bunch more busy work to the game, I want more fun. :slight_smile:


That’s easy to say but that’s not the way it will play out. History shows that the best players will want to be in the best guilds and the best guilds will always be the ones that complete everything. Players tend to want to be competitive even if said competition leads to them down the road to burnoutville.


It really depends on the rewards too. If the rewards aren’t worth it, it might not even matter to some. Myself being one.

I have no desire to measure sticks with another guild unless the rewards are worth it. But if the rewards ARE indeed worth it, it could be exactly as you say where it’s a have-to situation. IDK I think we just gotta wait til we get the full picture.


Per Guild Wars preview part one, one of their design requirements for guild wars was “it needs to give a reward you can’t get anywhere else.” If it ends up being unique content (eg. troops), then the mode will be looked upon as “required” by many. I don’t like competitive features as a whole in games like this and I don’t want to be essentially hamstrung into it because it is the only way to get a certain thing required to progress in the game. I can put in my time per week with the game’s reward structures as they are now, but even five battles daily (considering they have to be specific, tailor made teams that would likely be much slower than normal PvP battles) could be a dealbreaker for me.

However, this seems at odds with another one of the design requirements:

I’m not seeing yet how it could possibly fit both those criteria at the same time. Unless, of course, the “reward you can’t get anywhere else” could just as easily be another way to get stuff you can get everywhere else (eg., a token that you can use in place of any arcane would technically fit into this but still not very valuable because Arcanes are already readily available).

One last thing, on the subject of bonuses. Might I suggest that a full single color team give at least double the bonus as three on a team? You don’t even have to sacrifice anything to slap three blue troops in a Valk team (which is true for about anything that can be fed by a universal converter), but using four blue troops at least has you thinking somewhat outside the box.