Guild Wars - Sneak Peek II

That’s not entirely true; Mean Machines and Hoguns measure sticks even if it is good natured we’re still competitive on the leaderboards and we get no rewards for that other than bragging rights (and meme fights). As @Mithran pointed out, Sirrian has already said the rewards will be something you can’t get elsewhere so the chances are, it’ll be something desirable.

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Sirrian is also easy to understand for an Australian.

We only measure sticks with you because you’re kind to us. From the start you came up slowly behind us and put your branches around us.

On a serious note the only reason we are competitive with you in a 1 on 1 personal sense, is because we know you. That doesn’t happen with any other guild that we can’t put a face to. I suspect it’s the same for a lot of people. Yeah we all want to move up the leaderboard at our own pace, but it’s never personal. This makes it kind of personal. You’re essentially picking a different guild every day and calling them out.

If you want me to go to war, I need to be paid handsomely. Make it worth my time. :sunglasses:


And that’s fine for casual guilds, I’m all for players playing how they want (that’s kind of my larger point) but I do run a semi-hardcore guild (top 30) and enjoy being competitive. That’s not my complaint at all (more competition is great for those who enjoy it); my complaint is the new mechanic that appears to require players to follow a very rigid play schedule in order to maximize the rewards from this new mode. For those players that are competitive, they will be forced to choose between doing this or no longer being competitive; that just doesn’t seem like a great solution as it doesn’t allow players to choose to play in a style they find appealing.


Yeah, I agree; I was mostly just using it as an excuse to tell the world about our Guild-bro-love-fest.
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Thanks for explaining that way better than I did. :smiley:

To add to that, i dont think that any other guild was right next to us in the ranking for such a long time :smiley:
You were always 1 place below or ahead of us (soon to be below again :stuck_out_tongue: ).


There was a time when we were below you? :thinking: That doesn’t ring a bell.


But in all seriousness, I think I’ve already cluttered up this post with my thoughts and silliness enough for one night. Hopefully the devs have already considered the issues I brought up and have a solution already in place.

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Quick clarification… one of the rewards WILL be unique to guild wars, but you’ll get them for finishing first or last (you’ll just get MORE of 'em for first). In other words… a guild can fight every single battle during the week trying to get first… or they can fight one single battle with one member, and they WILL get at least one of the unique reward.

We want to make sure that nobody who participates misses out on the cool stuff.

As for “extra” stuff to do… in every respect, a Guild War battle counts as a ranked PvP Battle… you’ll get trophies, glory & pvp points, and lots of gold for competing… so it’s not so much an extra thing to do as it is an extra way of doing something most players are already doing.

For Guilds who don’t play every day… they’re probably not going to max out their points, but I can’t really think of any guild wars systems I’ve ever played in lately where you could optimize your performance but not play on some kind of timetable. It’s an interesting problem though, so we’ll keep it in mind.


Based on the existing structure of everything else in the game, I would have expected a weekly timetable.


This, totally this. Competitive players will compete even when it’s not fun, until they burn out and quit totally. If there is a carrot available, we want it, just to complete the set. Even if it’s a useless ugly carrot, we must have it. Top guilds will lose top players if they don’t complete everything. Saying “you don’t have to” is simply turning a blind eye to human nature.

With that said, I like mixing things up, and am ok with the “special tasks”. My main concern is the daily requirement. Would be nice if you could just have a big board of fights, such as "5 blue fights vs GuildA and 5 red fights vs GuildB, ", etc. If you do 5 a day, or 30 on Friday, your choice.

I also woukd love a sneak peak of the carrot I’m already salivating over, sight unseen…


Yeah any other way probably would’ve locked people in even more. Unless they did it monthly I guess, but that doesn’t even seem possible given the way all the other systems are.

@Sirrian, I’m assuming it’s too late to change this now but for argument’s sake, Is there a reason it couldn’t be on a weekly time table instead of daily? A guild needs to fight 6 guilds in a week but is there a compelling reason why they have to fight one each day instead of 30 fights in one day (split amongst the five guilds)?

If you’re already limiting the number of battles a player can fight per guild, what is the downside to letting a player choose when to fight them (within the week timetable of the War)?


What if you had 5 battles against 6 guilds each week, but could choose when you do them?


+1 to this.

As a member of a ‘top guild’, I’d be disappointed if we were not seeing every member do their five battles every day… Obviously RL gets in the way sometimes, but I don’t think players ‘belong’ in a world top ten guild if they don’t log in _every_day and do something towards the guild’s scores… To be discussed with our GL and team how we deal with such expectations… no guarantee that all our guild’s veterans will feel how I do about it, and more stress for GLs if they have to track GW wins/matches as well… @esslee @Shimrra

Some thoughts / questions:

A concern @Sirrian (and apologies if this was covered elsewhere): emphasis will be on winning those five PvP GW fights each day - that’s gonna really incentivise meta and broken defences (still no fix to Bone Dragon yet…) as for once I might care if my defence team wins or loses… lower variety, more broken defences…

Also: how does matchmaking within the GW line-ups work: suppose we are fighting Guild X which has 28 players: which of those 28 do I get to invade? If possible I’m gonna reroll the matches until I have my five matches against their 28th and lowest level member. As are my 29 guildmates. Do we score more points for beating their higher ‘ranked’ players? (if so, that’s open to easy exploits, they’ll just push everyone down to the lowest rank).


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Not sure that works: the system will set a different guild each day to roll your PvP against. Can’t expect it to track six guilds and cross off ones you’ve had five matches against (for each player in each guild): way too much (and unnecessary) data…

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im curious to know about how these specific team points going to work? I assume most of team will try to maximize the point and make full team of specific color for each day. But what happen if team #1 get 5 win (blue) and team #2 also got 5 win (blue) ? it look like we will see lot of team with the same points

That’s not how Sirrian has explained it. They setup all 6 guilds you’ll fight at the beginning of the week.

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True, but from that list of six guilds, it will set the PvP table each day to the guild that lines up on that day. It only has to remember one guild per day. Sorry didn’t make myself clear.

That doesn’t seem like any great amount of overhead to keep track of. They already collect and disseminate way more information than that.

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