Guild Wars Important Issues!

Bonus points based on color usage - there has been a lot of people who have tried to confirm if you get bonus points for using the set color in your defense team or whether it only applies to the attacking team. This needs clarifying! I believe there is no official comment on it… I have tried looking.

Also…Teams - by definition guild wars has added 12 total teams that are required to be used in a week period. 6 Attacking Teams 6 Defending teams, depending on the answer to the first question. However regardless setting defensive counters requiring a specific team each day is still a real requirement. So er where are our extra 12 team slots?

Ok so wait on team slots, and only attackers gain bonus I guess? but nothing solid on the colors really.

I do personally feel its only for attackers but its not really black and white when a few people have wanted it to be.

its not really clear about do we get the bonus points for colored troops at the beginnign or the end of battle

im pretty sure the bonus is for attackers only

also im not sure do you get ANY points for defending at all, by the way

While I cant answer if you specifically get points for defending, I can answer in the form of if you re frame the question that by using a better defense you cause the enemy guild to lose more troops more points more battles means you need less points to win vs the other guilds.

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They’ve said a few times that points apply (in context) to attackers. So my opinion is as yours is - defenders don’t get points at all.


Defenders lower the points of the attacker by performing better, which effectively strengthens your war against them. So set up counter teams. Etc.

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And sentinel bonuses (as in bonus stats) apply both to attacking and defending teams.

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