Poll about playing everyday or not

There is a discussion about how is unconvenient that the Guild Wars will push players to be able to do 5 battles everyday:

So the question is simple, what’s your point of view:

  • I can play everyday and I don’t care about this kind of system
  • I can play everyday but I don’t want this kind of system
  • I cannot play everyday, and I don’t care about this kind of system
  • I cannot play everyday but I don’t want this kind of system

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EDIT: @ogunther propose a clearer version of these options in the same order (but I cannot change the poll text…):


Your poll is a bit confusing in the the “I don’t care about this kind of system” could be confused with the “I don’t want this kind of system” :frowning: ie. “I don’t care about” could be read as “I don’t care for” which would make both answers the same.


Yeah, it took me 1 minute to write the message, 10 minutes to find the good formulation for this part…
Any suggestions are welcomed :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I think if you phrased the questions:

  • I’m an everyday player - Making us play 5 battles everyday is fine
  • I’m an everyday player - Making us play 5 battles everyday is NOT ok
  • I’m NOT an everyday player - Making us play 5 battles everyday is ok
  • I’m NOT an everyday player - Making us play 5 battles everyday is NOT ok

Or something like that where the distinction is more clear :slight_smile:


What if you just allowed people to play any day of that week, for any of the statue’s colors and once you hit your max of 5 battles for blue, you could work on your 5 purple battles, etc.? For example, sometimes I’m busy and can’t play during the week very much. But, I can usually play on the weekends to catch up. So, maybe I could do my 30 battles on Saturday and Sunday for guild wars. Make sense?

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I like this. Make it a weekly restriction for those of us that can’t play much but on the weekends

Btw no one is making us do anything. We all get a chance to get more rewards by playing like we play now, or even more then that if we adjust our playstile a bit to maximize results. Its a win-win, (more rewards - even more rewards). No one is forced to do anything.


I have people in my guild that are quite busy in the real world. Even though they play everyday, they probably won’t want to spend too much time with Guild Wars. That is unless you get seals for those battles as well. Other than the “any battle”, you know like PVP.

I like that we can only do 5 battles per statue, but the restrictions each day would be a disadvantage to many “family oriented” guilds. Since the Guild Wars aren’t set in stone, maybe they’ll take this into consideration.

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I have no problem with “adjusting my playstyle a bit” although I would argue that asking someone who plays as much as I do to play more is a little silly.

That being said, expecting people to leave guilds they’ve been in for months or even years in order to maximize results is NOT “adjusting my playstyle a bit”. It goes against the whole concept of teamwork and guild camaraderie.


There’s the key, you’re in a “family-oriented guild”. The prevailing sentiment lately seems to be “go big, or go home.”

At what post have i said you should leave your guild lol? :confused:
By adjusting the play style i mean making a team associated to that days bonus color. .

You didn’t come right out and say it, but as I asked, what else can I do short of leaving my guild? I already play more hours of GoW a week than I sleep.

And while you didn’t come right out and say it, others have. I have been told that the solution to my problem is to abandon my “underachieving” guild mates and do what is right for me.

This is a community. Is that type of anti-social behavior really healthy? I tend to think not.

Again you want to put words in my mouth i didnt say, nor im thinking about. Im defending presented system precisely because i belive it will allow every guild to compete with every other guild.

I have every reason to believe it will too but until we actually see it, I’m not going to stop bringing awareness to the problem.

I’m an everyday player - but making us play 5 battles everyday is NOT ok

to precise i think it is ok if majority of guild must play every day (or rather every other day) but i think its totally not OK to require that of all 30 members, once a while someone could have some irl issues or anything, it shouldnt punish whole guild in such cases

system should be more flexible to count such cases so that ppl can be more relaxed about guilds and the game


I’ve been inactive for a bit but would like to share my thoughts on this guild war system. I think in the long term its bad for the community to “require” daily play. This is going to defiantly elevate the few hardcore guilds from everyone else.

Effect of Seals:
I have been signing to buy new troops as they become available for a while now. So I recently was looking for a new non-hardcore Guild where I will contribute 100-200k Gold per week (only). With the Seals system very few Guilds are interested as the some are struggling to meet the 40k Seals, some need every Seal, etc. All very understandable. Anyhow adding another requirement (daily play) onto the majority of Guilds will segregated the player base from a few elite guilds even more.

Why not model the 5 daily Guild battles similar to the original console Task system. When you complete the set of battles you get the next one inline. A player can work on the weekly series until there are complete, one set a day, or all of them at once their choice. Once the series is complete you won’t get another grouping of them until the following week.

This system as designed to elevate only a handful top Guilds. Utilize the original Task system to make the play weekly not daily (like almost everything else).


Why do people keep saying people will keep migrating to top guilds? Top guilds are all full, where are all those players going to migrate to???

Besides, with that system or not, people will in most cases migrate to top guilds because they offer more and those guilds fit their play style.
Rare are the cases that a player that does average of 1000 trophies, will be in a guild where the rest of the members gain between 100-200 trophies.
The 1000 trophy player is outperforming its guild by a lot, and will probably move to a guild where that avrage is at least 500 trophies per member.

Guild wars wont enforce this even further, its just a normal order of things. Active players will play in active guilds, less active players will play in less active guilds.

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Not voting because I don’t think the options cover enough of the nuances which have been discussed (to death) in the sneak peek thread, so none of them are adequate/accurate for me to choose. My reasons are in the other (sneak peek) thread.


Replace “Top” with “Hardcore” and there is your answer. Just as seals changed the landscape and created a new divide between the 40k/week guilds and the under 40k/week guilds, so too will GW further that divide between the maximum GW points per day guilds and everyone else.

I know you don’t understand and can’t see it but that is what will happen (assuming the rewards for GW aren’t completely lame, which, why would they be). And players who are currently in semi-hardcore guilds will feel the brunt of that. I’m not sure why you’re having such a difficult time seeing the reality of what an everyday requirement will do to the GoW landscape because you saw what Seals did. This will be no different in the way it transforms the landscape and increases burnout.


But why do you think this will happen? Getting to 40k seals is much harder then doing 5 battles a day for 6 days out of 7. Thats 30 fights per member, not even enogh to even hit 20k seals.
I sincerely doubt mid tier guilds will have much problems. There may be a member here and there that might skip a day sometimes, but it wont reduce their competitivenes. Further more i believe that mid tier guilds will be able to compete with hardcore guilds. Hardcore guilds wont be able to grind their way to win, so odds are more even.

Yes, 5 battles a day are a hidden requirement, but 40k seals are not a hidden requirement that requires much more play, so that is why i dont see 5 battles a day as a problem.

You are right about seals, they did change the playing field. But i think you are wrong about 5 daily battles. But lets wait for more info! We dont know how points will be calculated, we dont know what rewards will be, we almost know nothing Jhon Ogunther.