Guild Wars - Sneak Peek Wrap Up

Hey Everyone,

So by now you’ve seen all the various parts of Guild Wars, and more-or-less how they fit together.
So for this final Guild Wars Sneak Peek, we’re going to wrap everything up by just going over a few changes we’ve made in the last month, mostly based around community feedback, because you’ve seen the ORIGINAL screens in the threads here, but not how we’ve modified them based on suggestions and testing.

So let’s step through this one by one…

Sneak Peek I - Registration & Overview

We didn’t change anything here, but we had a GREAT discussion about the difficulty of completing collections, which has moved the design & implementation of a crafting system WAY up in our priority list.

Sneak Peek II - Schedule Tab

Turns out that limiting attacks to 5 per day - use 'em or lose 'em - wasn’t a great solution for everybody. We’ve altered the system so that you can catch up all your old attacks on any day you like
Also we received feedback that only having a single defense team for each day was a BAD idea, because some folks wanted to set up special color-based defense teams. That was something we’d been thinking about too, and your feedback really confirmed that.
What we have now is:

You can see here we’ve altered to first column from DAY to WAR, and also added a button at the end to access a specific defense team for that day. When guild wars first starts, all of these teams will be defaulted to your current defense team. If you win a War on the DAY IT SCHEDULED, you’ll still receive a minor reward of 50% XP for the next 24 hours, plus 50 Guild Seals (which do count against your cap)… it’s not much, but we wanted to keep something for the Guilds who ARE organized and DO play every day.

This is the screen that allows you to pick a defense team. Due to some technical limitations, we couldn’t put a full fledged team-picker in here, but this will do the job for now until we can address the technical issues later in the year (more news on that AFTER Guild Wars releases though)

Sneak Peek III - Attack Tab

The controversy-free update! There was quite a bit of testing and a few tweaks done here to stop issues like people quitting mid-match to avoid a loss, etc… But no real changes to the design. Oh if only ALL weeks were this easy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sneak Peek IV - Results Tab

We all got distracted here by my horrific story of QANTAS air travel… sorry about that.
But a minor issue did present itself in a future update. Guilds wanted to see - on this screen - who had been contributing to the guild sentinels, so we made a minor change to show that:

Sneak Peek V - Rankings Tab & Sneak Peek VI - Sentinels

Lots of great feedback here.
And I’m lumping them together, since a lot of discussion continued, specifically about rewards & rankings.

So… The issue of the how long it would take to trait the Guild-Wars-specific troops was raised. We’re addressing that in a couple of ways. Firstly we drastically increased the amounts given out as rewards (up to 100 for first place, but also more to lower places). Secondly we’re also looking at adding old Guild Wars troops to the Guild chests whenever we release NEW Guild Wars troops (which will be every 3-6 months). So if you’re not getting enough from the Guild Wars, we’ll be devising a way that you can still get your hands on them at a reasonable rate.

And… the issue was raised here, and subsequently the following week about how generally unfair having everybody in a gigantic table would be. We agree with that it’s not much fun to be in the lower ranks with no achievable goal, so we’ve implemented a bracketing system - of sorts (incidentally THAT was why you haven’t seen much of me lately… there was a huge amount of this to address last week)

So let’s look at a bracket:

As you can tell, brackets are groups of 10.
We’ll sort teams into groups of 10 initially (and, no we’re NOT going to tell you exactly how, or we know some of you will try to game the system!!). It’s as fair as we can manage… If you look at the trophy rankings, it’s going to be roughly like that, I believe. It’s not based ONLY on trophies though!
Every week, you’ll be matched with 6 other teams in your bracket at random. You won’t be able to finish any higher than the TOP of your bracket, and any lower than the BOTTOM. So in the example above, Sparkle Ponies won’t be able to finish higher than 21st, or lower than 30th. If you finish near the top, it’s LIKELY (but not 100% certain) you will move up the following week, perhaps even more than one bracket. Similarly if you finish near the bottom you may move down… this all depends on how well you do during the week.

The rewards are still based on your global ranking however… Why did we do this? Because otherwise it becomes advantageous to lose badly every second week, and win in the between weeks, so you can leapfrog up and down brackets and maximize your earning.

And why didn’t we just put 7 guilds in each bracket so it’s a fair round robin? Well if you put 7 guilds in, somebody has a bye each day which means you need 7 days to run event, and that just doesn’t work with the current system. Other options included 6 guilds (play one twice), or 8 guilds (miss one out). In the end we opted for 10 Guilds, because it’s not only a nice round number, but it also means every misses 3 guilds in their bracket, which means you’re a little more unlikely to have LARGE advantages due to RNG.

That’s it!
The update isn’t far away now.

One final word… there was enough trolling in previous thread to actually have it auto-close. My suggestion is this:

  1. Keep a level head about the features! We WANT to work with you guys to make the game systems better. We’re already listening, so there’s no need to yell at us! And if the trolls go fishing, don’t bite, please!
  2. It’s the internet… just as Zaejin has Goblins, WE have trolls. When it inevitably happens, please keep the trolling good-natured and light! Every time I ban someone, a Unicorn cries… think of the Unicorns!

Don’t worry Sirrian. We’ve got antitroll hammers and equipment ready. Let them show up and face some of the fine artillery prepared

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I can’t tell you how happy I am to see these words. :smile_cat:


Looks great team, nice work.

@Sirrian just so there are no more surprises, the gems are still a thing right? Only asking because I don’t believe I saw a re-mention of it in the above post. -shrugs-

So we should proceed as though that aspect hasn’t changed.


Thanks for the update.

  1. Can we know if the Event bonus works during the Guild Wars?

On another topic, you said:

  1. Can we have some informations about the scoring system?
  1. It still means that we have only one day to do the 5 battles on the last day… I mean if players are not available on Sunday, they will not be able to do their battles and so reduce the points of the whole guild.

Hmmm… this is kinda what I feared… Constant GW against only other top guilds with their meta-BD-crap-defence policy… which will only get worse, as defence wins matter in GW, and GLs will probably force/advice members to set the most broken or annoying RNG cheese :cheese: defences they can… permanent Wraith/BD/Courage or equivalent ahead…

@sirrian I understand BD is getting fixed in the update, so not to labour that point… but Wraith? Courage?


TBH I haven’t traited Courage or BD just because of this. It’s waaay too cheesy of a attack or defend team. And it removes the fun out of the game.

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@Nimhain has mentioned a few times that we are unsure if Courage is a symptom of Bone Dragon. Once Bone Dragon has been nerfed Courage will be looked into.


Oooh that will be interesting, Thanks Salty!

True, forgot that… thanks. Though I don’t entirely agree… the numbers compared to other Guardians’ trait buffs make for a simple rebalance comparison…

Straying slightly off-topic, though I’d argue Wraith will be a big problem for GW tedium. A common with two game-changing on-hit traits…?


Just to be clear…

No rewards are given specifically for winning your bracket, and the reward table is the same as the one posted last week for global ranking?

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Looks that way. :worried: But at least we got brackets. :slight_smile:

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No (apart from the reward that it tends to shove you up to a higher bracket).
I TRIED very hard to organize a reward for winning a bracket, but it was impossible to do that and keep a system where it wasn’t advantageous to lose your way to a lower bracket where you could win.


I gotcha. I just wanted to make sure I understood it properly before giving out wrong information to others.

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You mean Ascend right?

I think its pretty clear that Courage is far stronger than the other Guardians even without Bone Dragon. And nothing stops us from running Wraith Courage Courage IK or something…

I also share the worries about the 340 Gems/week thing, and about the bit where (in a bracket system) the top guilds will only ever see other top guilds and dumb zero-fun defenses.


Great information and I think that the vast majority of the people will be happy with the changes and the way you guys listen to us makes such a difference to the norm.
Just my two cents…
Can we please leave the troop nerf pleas out of here? Bone dragon and spirit fox are the only troops that are getting on my tits but this isn’t the thread to complain about this. :wink::wink::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Guild wars troops… Putting them in guild chests is a great idea but won’t that dilute the amount of guardians you pull? How about putting them in once your guardian is mythic?
I look forward to seeing what guild wars brings to the table. I wasn’t looking forward to paying 340 gems for the maximum troop stats and hope that’s been altered, sorry if I missed it.
Great work as always folks.


We still want to hold off on nerfing Courage and/or Wraith for the time being so we don’t have to touch them twice. Once we see how nerfing Bone Dragon changes the way people play the game, we will look further into other troops.


Our thoughts exactly!
But we’ll get a proper plan together for that in the next 1-2 months.


@Sirrian Not sure if you’re aware of this thread I made:

I still have a few questions that I’ve put in a FAQ section at the end of the OP, perhaps you can answer them there? I’d appreciate that a lot.

Thanks in advance!

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I’ll try to get to that a little later… just going into lockdown here for weekly event changeover.

Our playerbase grew DRASTICALLY this week, due to the fact that we were trending in the Google Store… hopefully it won’t be too rough on the servers!