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Ah that is true, though my guess is it still checks at the end. That’s just my guess though.

No points. And there is no color bonus in defense.

The bonus depends of the initial team.

And bonus information: if new members are recruited after the battles have begun, they are unable to participate.

Note that devs could have change their mind, it’s not the first time cough cough scouting.


When did they change their minds on this? afaik they never said scouting wouldn’t be available in Guild Wars?


i think he meant “could have”?
we will find out soon…

Can anyone confirm that the colors of the Wars this week are, in order, the same for everyone?

Yellow, Brown, Red, Purple, Green, Blue


Same here.

Also about the colour bonus on defense:

This backs up what turintuor said, colour bonus only affects attack. (Which means I need to go change my defense team for tomorrow…)

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It looks like it’s pretty much useless to attack with your normal/favorite team, as the color bonuses are crazy high. This means that you’re gonna need 6 new attack teams, one for each color.

Since you’ll also, most likely, need a defense team against that colors attack team, that’s another 6 teams.

But I already had my teams setup… Does this mean I have to delete 12 of my teams???
That sounds kinda harsh :frowning:

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Depends on your definition of “crazy high” but I noticed that the % were around 1000 at first, but they’ve dropped to a more sensible 50% now for around level 100 statues.

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They thought about giving us more slots, but something went wrong at some point. I’d say take note of the ones you have now (maybe use ashtender and save the links?), then put them back when (if?) you have those slots.

I’m not sure how important changing up the defense teams is going to be. Other than a couple troops that hate on colors like Amira or Ironbeard I think making something pilotable by the moronic AI is more important. So maybe only 7 team slots? Six separate attackers is very real though.

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We said that we are investigating giving more team slots but that we didn’t have an ETA.


The bonus is 280% for each yellow card it says on my screen…
Which is why I said crazy high…

Edit: Our guild statues are around 64, with one at 75.

EDIT 2: It just changed… it went down from 280% bonus to 40% bonus.
That is indeed a lot better…

Hmm that’s higher than I’m seeing on mine. This is in the Schedual tab yes? We’re looking at about 10% per level for my guild. Maybe lower level statues give higher bonuses to help smaller guilds compete?

It looks like it changed/updated, not sure why…

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Mine said 8020% and now it shows 80%. I assume some error was fixed?

Confirmed order for Unrepentant as well

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So, are there any “bonuses” for DEFENDING with a (say) all blue team on blue day … or can you just set whatever team is best AGAINST a blue team, irrespective of the (defense) team colours?

Set it what’s best AGAINST that day’s colour seems to be the best bet. Colour bonuses seem to apply to the attacker only.

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So how many points do you get for 1 battle… is it like 100, or is it thousands?
Anyone got any idea?

(i know i know, wait and see tomorrow) :slight_smile:

Taking a wild guess here, but thinking 1000 points.

The image we see in this thread lists numbers around 100,000-150,000 if we assume 30 members all doing 5 matches, that’s 150 matches. So a “perfect” score could be 150,000, meaning 1,000 per battle. This doesn’t take into account the % bonuses of the guild statues though. So it’s probably a bit more complex than that. Maybe 100,000 + statue colour bonus?