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The bonus is 280% for each yellow card it says on my screen…
Which is why I said crazy high…

Edit: Our guild statues are around 64, with one at 75.

EDIT 2: It just changed… it went down from 280% bonus to 40% bonus.
That is indeed a lot better…

Hmm that’s higher than I’m seeing on mine. This is in the Schedual tab yes? We’re looking at about 10% per level for my guild. Maybe lower level statues give higher bonuses to help smaller guilds compete?

It looks like it changed/updated, not sure why…

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Mine said 8020% and now it shows 80%. I assume some error was fixed?

Confirmed order for Unrepentant as well

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So, are there any “bonuses” for DEFENDING with a (say) all blue team on blue day … or can you just set whatever team is best AGAINST a blue team, irrespective of the (defense) team colours?

Set it what’s best AGAINST that day’s colour seems to be the best bet. Colour bonuses seem to apply to the attacker only.

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So how many points do you get for 1 battle… is it like 100, or is it thousands?
Anyone got any idea?

(i know i know, wait and see tomorrow) :slight_smile:

Taking a wild guess here, but thinking 1000 points.

The image we see in this thread lists numbers around 100,000-150,000 if we assume 30 members all doing 5 matches, that’s 150 matches. So a “perfect” score could be 150,000, meaning 1,000 per battle. This doesn’t take into account the % bonuses of the guild statues though. So it’s probably a bit more complex than that. Maybe 100,000 + statue colour bonus?

It’s not that simple. You get a small number of points for the first battle (maybe it was 100, maybe 300, I don’t remember, but somewhere in-between those), then if you win that battle you progress and get more for the next one, up to (AFAIR) 750 for the 5th battle. If you lose at some point you don’t progress and the next battle is worth as much points as the lost one.


Multiple copies of the same troop count for 1? If I use 4 Humilities on Tuesday, I will get bonuses for 4 or 1 troop?

Now that guild wars is here and we’re going to need 6+ teams to effectively get the most rewards… can we please get the feature implemented to adjust and move around our teams in the area where you select which team you want to use? Right now, you either have to scroll down to slot 20 to pick the team you want, or you have to rebuild that exact same team at a higher slot. Would be so much easier to just move the team around like you do the troops when creating the team (reorder).


I would like to know this as well. Do we lose some of the bonus for duplicate troops or does it still treat each troop as an individual for the bonus?

From the patch notes:


How the heck is this reasonable - when we’re pitted against teams in the top 50 on the league standings
And we’re almost 250000 trophies less than them.

That seriously seems askewed.

It the first week. If you preform bad youll be put in a lower bracket. System will resolve itself but give it time.


Interesting… well that changes my strategy. I can’t compete with guys who have stashed up so much gold, glory, souls and gems and their starting statues…

Instead SPARTA :slight_smile:

anyone know yet!?!?

Duplicate troops count just fine for getting the colour +% score bonus.

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As @Jainus said, duplicates are fine.

Feel free to check the FAQ if you have more questions :wink: