3.0 Patch Notes

didnt he just get nerfed some a month or so ago

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Yeah, and the only result was that people moved him out of the first spot.

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So excited! This all looks fantastic!
And War with Extra Turn… might have to give him another go… :thinking: :wink:

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Blue: Icestorm
Green: Leafstorm
Red: Firestorm
Yellow: Lightstorm
Purple: Darkstorm
Brown: Duststorm
Skulls: Bonestorm

Is this list an indication of the colour order for the week? It’s already been stated that the first day is Blue. If not . . . can we know the order to be prepared for each day?

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I predict that GW troops will be released according to their day of the week as well. :wink:

Tuesday=Blue so a week of Blue troops
Wednesday=Green then I predict Green troop will come next (based on assumption that Wednesday is green battle day)

You saw it here first kids!!

The order is already there ;-): Guild Wars - Sneak Peek II

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Thank you @turintuor. I was sure it was somewhere but it was just easier to ask. :smile:

Oh come on, I’m sure you can come up with better name than Bonestorm!
… to name a few :weary:

But then they would be missing out on a semi-obscure reference from The Simpsons:


Bone Dragon is still very strong with “just” 15 skulls.
Bone Dragon + Courage is still stupid broken, but not quite the instant game over on cast it was.


@Sirrian Question about brackets and rewards: I understand that the initial brackets are not solely based on trophies (we are currently #12) however if my guild is not in the top bracket, will we still be eligible to get the top prize based on results… at least for the first week of GW. We are the #3 trophy earners over the past 3 months so I expect that we will be in one of the top 2 brackets.

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See, this is what comes to mind when I see “Bonestorm:”


I’ve added a news post to the Gems of War Database (http://ashtender.com/gems/) that contains links to the new Guild Wars troops as well as links to each of the updated troops.


You rock Lyya.


When your Ranked 3 (or lower) in your guild and you access the Register Tab from Guild Wars menu:

  1. If your guild is registered for next week’s GW, show a message like “Your guild is already registered for next week’s guild war.”
  2. If it’s not, then it’s ok to show the message that’s being shown for both cases: “Only guild leaders and rank 2 officer can register.”

I say this because there was someone in my guild already asking me if the can’t participate because they’re not rank 2. We’re registered already, but they don’t have a way of knowing (except from me, ofc) that the guild is indeed registered.


This is something they’re looking into I believe.


Ozball to the rescue!!! (You sniped me good!)

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Looking good so far. A few more Impervious troops… shame their spells didn’t get a rework much…

Necrezza’s spell seems to freeze the game. Cast Necrezza, cast Behemoth a turn or two later, gems destroyed as per Behemoth’s spell, no new gems drop from the top, still my turn, nothing I can do.

Guild Wars? Next week? It’s already on!

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