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Hi Everyone,

We’re just sneaking in a Sneak Peek before weekly update!

Today we have the RANKINGS TAB… which might at first seem a little unexciting, but read on, because there are a few neat things hidden on here!


After receiving your feedback, we removed most of the rewards from the daily battles and have moved them into the reward at the end of the week. However, we ALSO received feedback that plenty of people wanted some more meaning to the DAILY contest too (and by “meaning” I actually mean “rewards”). We’ve compromised by adding a very small reward for each day’s winner of 50 Seals each (that count for your Guild, but do NOT count towards your cap), and a 24 hour 50% XP buff.


One of the weekly rewards for the event displayed is the Peryton (pictured above).
You will ONLY be able to get this troop from Guild Wars. Everybody who particpates (as long as your Guild fights one battle) will receive one of these, but the Guilds who finish near the top of the table will receive a LOT more! We’re still working on the exact amounts for the weekly rewards, so there;s nothing to share yet regarding that.

Ultimately we have planned one Guild War troop for each Kingdom in the game, but with 3.0, we’ll only be introducing the first 6 of these new troops (all commons, and will have similar stats & power to the Guild Guardians)


Apart from everything above, you’ll also have access to all the previous week’s results, rankings & rewards, so you can check the performance of all your Guildmates, and see the rewards you earned.


And finally (and most obviously) you’ll be able to see all the guilds ranked here in their current order!


Nice, exclusive rewards!

There are the exclusive rewards. Was wondering where you were hiding them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Similar stats and power to guild guardians seems a bit scary though given the current condition of guardians.



Still new troops = always good, right?

Nice! Excited. :smiley:

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Some questions:

  1. Will it be one week, one GW troop or all 6 troops will be available for each week?
  2. Will these troops be in the chest after one month (like the weekly troops)? Else, I don’t see how we can make this troop Mythic :stuck_out_tongue: .
  3. Why do you keep the Sentinels tab for the end? :frowning:
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New troops, sure. New troops with an irritatingly-specific way to collect them like the guardians, I don’t know… I mean, I guess its just going to be from something we’re doing anyhow, I’m just unhappy at the prospect of gradually ascending these things just like the guardians here. Hopefully the distribution/rate/other numbers/etc get tweaked, learn from whatever is legitimately wrong with the guardians. i.e. How some of us are going to have to eat up 40-ish extra copies of some to get the rest to Mythic.

Stats and power level of the guardians, OK… provided Courage gets nerfed into oblivion first.

We’ll rotate it around - 1 per week.

No - they will remain available from Guild Wars only. Highly placed guilds will receive a LOT of them though, so Mythic is definitely possible, but will require a number of Guild Wars with that troop available

It’s actually easiest to understand & explain the Sentinels Tab once you see all of the other pieces.


Quick question. If these troops exclusive to the wars are in kingdoms when will they be added to chests? Recently only have I started paying attention to kingdom power so I was wondering

They won’t be. You can only earn them from guild wars.


Then there’s a problem for getting kingdoms up to max

Not really, all kingdoms (with the possible exception of the newest kingdoms) can reach the current max of 7 stars. So the Guild Wars Guardians being tough to max out won’t have any adverse effect on that. :slight_smile:

Guessing peek VI is gonna be some deets on the reward troops.

Thanks for your answers.

190 copies it’s quite a lot. And if you consider that only one troop will be available for one guild wars, we should have something like 2 weeks/year for one troop…
You are going to release troops that players will not be available to “mythicfy”… I see pitchforks…


These new troops can be ascended to Mythic, given enough time (cycles of that troops kingdom as the guild wars kingdom), with less time needed depending on how well your guild does in those weeks’ guild wars.

The primary difference between the new troops and the guardians is that your guild has essentially no effect on your ability to ascend guardians. Regardless of guild chest level, if you personally earn 1500 seals each week you can expect 37.5 guild guardians a week until you ascend them all.

Here, on the other hand, your troop income is closely tied to how well your guild did during that week’s guild war. Players in a casual guild like mine will take many more cycles to ascend to mythic, because our members are casual and probably won’t be bothered to participate fully in the guild wars each week. Not that this bothers me… unless the later rarities give huge stat boosts. If these troops get +4 magic between epic and mythic, I may break out my farm equipment.


I think the worry is more to do with Kingdom Power than the troops themselves. Since these, unlike guild guardians, are tied to existing kingdoms (Dragon’s Claw for the one in the OP), so I think turnituor is worried about them being required to get higher levels of kingdom power.

EDIT: Also the other major difference between these troops and guild guardians, is that you’re only likely to see them twice a year (26 kingdoms over 52 weeks). It would be like if the seasonal Imps were commons and required for kingdom power.

I don’t care so much about the stats or the kingdom bonus (10 points are not that much). I am not worried, just giving a kind warning ;-).

Players like to have everything the sooner possible. Here sooner seems to be in 2 years… Devs are not going to give 100 copies to the 1st guild so let’s say 50. So you will need 2 years to max them if your guild is everytime 1st…

Mythics troops are already well discussed and I just think that players can leave this game because these troops seem/are “undroppable” for them. And it could be the same with these troops, just change the “undroppable” with “unmythicable”…

Now, it depends on how well the rewards are distributed. But if it’s like the PVP, not so much guilds will earn extra copies… And no, it will not be that easy to be well-ranked.

I will prefer rewards according to the points earned better than ranks in the GW leaderboard. For example, guild points > 10.000 pts -> 5 copies, 20.000 pts -> 10 copies, etc. Or directly, X points -> 1 copy.


This is an idea I can get behind. Awarding troops based on points rather than rank puts more control back in the hands of individual players, though you still need your entire guild to do well to maximize returns. It does lead to the question of what the rank rewards would be, but if PVP has shown us anything it’s that some players are motivated by even the most worthless carrot.

I suspect that the dev team has had many discussions about how rewards will be earned. They also have access to much more data about player habits than I (at least) do, and know much more about gaming psychology. I expect their system will strike a decent balance. Or that they are frantically rewriting the rewards code and updating art assets before sneak preview VI.

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Not being able to max ascend things is an issue for late-game players, since we typically have to vs full teams of mythics. So when something like this shows up that we can’t get to mythic, we don’t feel right putting it on a team that consists entirely of mythics. Which makes it a cool troop that may as well be unobtainable, and we forget about it entirely until its eventually maxed out. Unless its something dumb like Bone Dragon.

i.e. giveaways like Ice Golem and Mongo, Guardians, etc.

Unless that’s just me. Somehow I don’t think it is.


3.0 will only have 6 new troops (so short rotation)
Later there will be troops for each kingdom
Source: OP

So lets deal with the issue when/if it becomes a "problem"
With “problem” being defined as “not being able to get everything immediately”

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