Guild Wars - Sneak Peek V


Even if we assume adding more requires a client update, assuming an average of 2 months between versions means there’s not even enough time for each of these to be featured twice.


i like the fixed ranking point rewards a lot but one thing in it worries me: what about actual top ranking rewards? there must be some rewards for that as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to say you’re wrong, but I’m pretty good at seeing problems like this a long way off, and the last one took a year to handle. Which was gold keys and commons. Of course, that’s not exactly solved, but my point stands.

With only six it’d just be a pain. But with all of them… A rotation that takes 30+ weeks to even see that troop again doesn’t work if you need 191 of that troop. Imps, sure, you’re either one and done or six. Say we get 50 at a time, we ascend it to Epic and it stays there for 30 weeks with no hope of improving it? And then takes another 90 weeks?


Its not. Giveaway cards that don’t at the very least convert gems from one type to another usually end up being utterly worthless for months (or longer). Things that go in the support role can be used without full stats, but stuff that is mediocre to begin with just essentially gets sidelined. But that isn’t the worst part…

If the cards are on a once per-week rotation with a six week turnaround now and will eventually transition into kingdom troops where they come up once-in-gods-know-when (it’d be over six month rotation even now), and this is the only acquisition method, the problem is being able to ascend them, period, or even acquire them if you happen to, god forbid, miss a week. I’ll have a major problem with it if this “competitive” mode ends up capping my kingdom stars and therefore my progress in the game, with, again, no way for me to move forward.

Basically, reasonable waits are fine and grinding is fine, but artificial walls suck. And since your guild has to participate in guild wars at least once every week where a new troop is featured to get at least one copy, this mode will be mandatory for progression eventually.


I think the exclusive troops will not be the only rewards. So we can do both:

  • exclusive troops obtained according ot the points
  • other usual rewards (assume keys/arcane/etc) according to the ranks.


Another issue that I’m not sure how they’re going to handle is leaving guilds (or getting kicked). What happens if you’re not in a guild when the rewards are given out (even though you may have been working hard all week)?

This is mostly an issue since the reward is a troop that is otherwise unobtainable. If it was just resources, most people will have much less reason to worry about it.


Regarding Guild War troops…

  1. Guardians were plenty viable before they were mythic, so saying something must be mythic to be viable, even in end game, is not entirely correct.

  2. If we don’t feel people are advancing quickly enough withe the existing Guild War troops, or if we add more Guild War troops and want to keep the rate of advancement even, we just give out more in the weekly rewards! That’s a pretty easy one to fix.

But, at the end of the end of the day… extra troops = extra kingdom power! If we decided to NOT add troops here, ands just gave away only traitstones/keys/glory/gems that’d simply be power you’d be missing!


I agree with your point - I’m waiting 6 months for an imp to roll around - artifical barriers are not great
But in reality, I’m not even going to use the imp, so it’s really not a big deal
What is does represent is something I don’t have - and I wouldn’t have that if I could just get access to it tomorrow
Sometimes it OK to wait for certain things and slower progress is OK (it’s can’t be Christmas every day)

Unless these new cards scale like guardians, in which case there may be a gap between the common compared with say epic - otherwise it’s just like a new legendary vs someone who has ascended it to mythic - where kingdom bonuses dominate any actual differences between the levels of the card

Just say you had “Guild Wars victory points” to spend on new cards however you liked - in simple terms, would you get them all equally or just mythic one before moving onto the next? And how is either path really any different in the long term?

Edit: Oh and what Sirrian just said


Ill just say those extra 50 seals are neat! Especially since they wont count towarss cap but increase it.
I mean we as a guild dont have problems reaching 40k seals, but this will make stuff a lot easier for guilds that arent reaching 40k now.


I think the next mythic will push a kingdom past 7 stars too (14 troops) so the extra star should be unlocked in this update. And these extra 6 troops will probably help other kingdoms surpass it.


Very happy to see that there is coming some new form of ‘Guardians’, this time I cross my fingers that the troops is more like some choosen transformers, rather than random transformers.


i hope this time purple will not be left out with a limited use (like sacrifice does) :smile:


This all looks great to me!
I do like the idea of tying troops to point ranges rather than rank. This will still give the higher performing guilds more but not institute a fake wall. There can only be one #1 but there can be 100 guilds with 25,000+ points. One is much more equitable than the other regarding distribution of troops, imho. :wink:


@Sirrian, how many ppl will become the daily winner? will it be just one person in the server? can we have a little more insight on the daily competition reward conditions? :grin:


People raise your hand if you think that these new reward cards could become new guild guardians, allowing, for example, to replace Justice with a new Blue guardian, switching either the resources brought by the blue tasks or the stat bonus for completing all 12 blue tasks.

raises both hands


Half of the guilds that play the Guild Wars will be winners. The other half will be losers.


where does it come from? :thinking:


One solution if there got to be too many troops in rotation that a guild war key could be added to open chests with just guild war troops in them.

My only complaint: I want guild wars to start now!!! :wink:


From this Sneak Peek: Guild Wars - Sneak Peek III


Everybody in a guild who wins their “daily” battle against the opponent guild is a winner!
This will be determined at the end of the day on days 2,3,4,5,6 & 7