Missed Purple Day? Now what?

Hi folks,

I posted this mistakenly in the general section. Sorry. OH, and I can’t see how to delete it. You can tell how (not) familiar I am with this forum setup.

SO. Does anyone have any advice about how to access the previous day’s opponents’ defense teams in Guild Wars?

In previews it said:

“Each set of 5 battles MUST be spent on the ‘next’ guild in your schedule… so you play 5 battles from WAR 1, then 5 battles from WAR 2, etc… you can’t jump back and forth.”

So… I was unable to participate in WAR 1 (yesterday, purple), thinking I could “make up” the battles.

So, as I write this, today is a “blue day.” So the question really is:

Is it also my WAR 1 day, which will count for yesterday’s points, AS WELL AS my WAR 2 day?

In other words, am I playing two 5-battle days with blue troop bonuses? Or, extrapolating, could all SIX days be played with the final guild’s color?

I sure would like to know the answer to this before this day winds up so that I can figure out how to proceed.

Could someone please kick me in the right direction? Or… just kick me. Never mind. But if you do… be gentle.



Hi and welcome to the forums! Please look around as there is massive amounts of useful info for GoW!

I actually answered your other post here

For future reference you can at any time edit the title of threads you create by clicking on the pencil shaped icon at the top. This includes the catagory of your thread.

I hope this info helps and please feel free to ask anything you need. There are lots of very helpful ppl here!

Good luck and happy gemming😎

A good way to think of it is: the colour bonus applies to a war against the scheduled guild, not to a day. So don’t think of it as “today is blue day”, but rather “Opponent Guild is blue” :slight_smile: