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Hey Everyone,

As I’m on vacation this week, I’ve only got a small update to share… a quick look at the RESULTS TAB for Guild Wars (and it’s a little early this week, as I’m in the USA on a different timezone!)

This one is pretty self-explanatory… you can see every guild member, their performance during the week, and their total points (with your OWN row highlighted in gold).

We anticipate a similar screen being available for the previous week’s results (available as a popup from the RANKINGS TAB)

At the end of the Guild War, players are assigned a new Rank (Paragon, Champion, Herald, etc…) based on the way they ranked with points.


Dude, Andrew was slacking…


Yeah, kick him.


@Nimhain doing some carrying! :smirk:

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Nimhain going on the warpath. Damn!

Looks great, @Sirrian! Hope you’re having a fun time visiting us.

For @Nimhain


And this is for @Sirrian On a regular basis too!


Next time try San Francisco instead of LAX. It’s a much smaller airport and it’s so easy to transfer from international to domestic.

@sirrian takes a holiday while we have to wait for the new content… someone seriously needs to work on their priorities :slight_smile:

By holiday, he probably means he gets to sleep for a full night!


It’s been almost 6 months since his last vacation. Sirrian flew into LAX a few days before I flew out.

Though to be fair to @sirrian, he (or Nim) mentioned in Global Chat last week that they were going to be at GDC this past week… so I’m not sure how much of a “vacation” he’s actually had :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sirrian is lucky it’s in San Francisco, hope he got to fly into there and avoid LAX. Now to spy some GDC news to figure out what they’re up to lol

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Yeah I’ve flown through LAX once… one of the worst experiences in an airport I’ve had. (though admittedly it wasn’t entirely the airports fault, the airline I flew was mostly to blame)

Yeah GDC news should be interesting. goes to snoop

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If you think LAX is bad, trying driving on their freeways to get to it. lol

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Done a fair bit of traveling through big cities and wow, LAX is a really bad airport experience. Definitely the worst Ive had.

I don’t think any airport is designed with traveller experience in mind. I refer you of course to Douglas Adams’ Long Dark Teatime of the Soul.


Actually I’ve been to LAX so many time, I’m kind of numb to the experience… I just waddle through, grab my bags, and catch the bus to the Rental Cars.

However, I should tell you all a story about our Australian airline, QANTAS.

I hate to rag on my own countrymen, but I’m going to anyway :stuck_out_tongue: so here it goes…

Now I NEVER normally travel QANTAS, because the last 2 times I did (11 and 12 years ago respectively) it was a conglomeration of late flights, incorrect bookings, and one case of a 16 hour flight where they forgot to pack enough meals to feed the last 10 rows… where they then proceeded to feed the first 68 rows all 3 meals, and the last rows none (I was in row 76)…

BUT… I figured it MUST have gotten better - even just a bit. And although I only needed to connect to a United flight for Sydney-to-San Francisco, that little 1hr Melbourne-to-Sydney flight couldn’t possibly hurt… could it? So I booked a 1hr QANTAS connecting flight.

Thus QANTAS’ trolling of me began anew.

The 1hr connecting flight promptly sat on the runway in Melbourne for 90 minutes, with various excuses. And by the time I get to Sydney International Airport and use the dodgy QANTAS connecting transportation, which should take 15 min max, but instead takes 45 minues… the United flight has closed its doors, and is leaving.

“Never Fear!” says the QANTAS rep who jumps in to help as I’m explaining my plight to United. It’s OUR fault… we’ll get you there on a QANTAS plane! Today!

At this point, I should have simply punched the QANTAS rep in the throat, booked a hotel (or a jail cell) for the night and gone on United the next day… but I had a brief moment of optimism, and instead, said “Sure, that’d be great, thanks!”

So QANTAS booked me 2 flights. Melbourne-to-Dallas, and Dallas-to-San-Francisco. That’s a little like England trying to invade Scotland by going south to sneak up on them, but hey… I thought I’d roll with it.

True to form, the QANTAS flight sat in the gate for 90 minutes due to “catering issues” (probably sourcing food for the last 10 rows after they saw the murderous glint in my eye).

And we made up a good 4-5 minutes on that 15 hour flight, which saw us land only about 86 minutes late, making it impossible to catch the connection. But that was FINE since another flight was leaving in 5 hours’ time, which we managed to catch.

FINALLY we got to San Francsico, but QANTAS weren’t quite done with us yet…

When we went to travel to LAX after the conference, we discovered one final act of masterful trolling…

QANTAS had cancelled ALL our other flights for the entire trip.

Fortunately a lovely United rep helped us out, which took her 30 minutes.

So in summary, “%#$#%^%$$ YOU, QANTAS!”


Well you had a lay over in my neck of the woods. DFW. Had I known, I could have stopped by and brought some real Texas BBQ!! :wink: