Guild Wars (Mostly) Explained

That could be too. Thanks freak:)

Oh, that makes even more sense! I thought Sirrian had miscalculated his Battle Points, but that explains the 7.

Well, that answers my question about how points are calculated. That does mean that it would be possible for a tie to occur if all members of a guild win all of their battles that week. Ruh-roh.

I’ve altered a sentence to make it more clear.

So, basically, a tie is possible, I guess, but highly unlikely to happen. I’ll add ties to the FAQ (EDIT: done).

What’s the citation for that? I don’t recall “quality of victory” coming up in any of the sneak peeks.

You should trust me, I did my homework :smiley:


Standing Ovation to you sir. This is extremely informative


Great work. Thanks for the summary. You just made the entire thing a hell of a lot easier to understand and what we will need to be doing.


Thanks for this @MakoSipper. Great summary! :smiley:

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Anyone knows if we get Guild Seals from the Guild War battles too?

I’d say at least 5, but probably 9. Sirrian said it counts as a ranked pvp battle “in every respect”.

(Added to FAQ)

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Awesome @MakoSipper. I salute you. Having tried to consolidate all the info for my own Guild-Mates I can appreciate the effort you have put into this. Great work. THANK YOU.

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Updated this a little bit to reflect this recent thread:

EDIT: Updated a little bit more, added more questions as well.

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@Sirrian I’m still holding you to shedding some light on the questions we still don’t have the answer for :innocent:


Updated Weekly Rewards and Sentinel costs (as far as it’s known)

Based on final values, they will likely be:

100 Glory / 500 Glory / 10 Gems / 25 Gems / 50 Gems

5,000 Gold / 25,000 Gold / 10 Gems / 25 Gems / 50 Gems

5,000 Gold / 25,000 Gold / 10 Gems / 25 Gems / 50 Gems

500 Souls / 700 Souls / 10 Gems / 25 Gems / 50 Gems

340 Gems + 600 Glory + 1,200 Souls + 60,000 Gold


I think it’s just decoration based on the level. Note that in the picture, purple’s level is >80, and all the others are between lv 60-80. In my guild, all of the statues in the 90s have that same decoration, except for the one that is above 100, which has an even more ornate decoration.


Thanks. I’ve removed the question because it’s irrelevant to GW. Seems like I assumed too much when I was hunting for details in those images haha

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Great work, MarkoSipper, thank you :slight_smile:

I won’t be able to follow up closely on news or try to get the answers to those questions in the FAQ myself.

If someone so wishes, you can create a copy of this thread that you can update. Here’s the unformatted info for creating another thread exactly like this one:

### *Foreword*

*This guide's goal is to summarize what has been released about Guild Wars in a way that's easy to understand. I've also tried to collect information from comments in the Sneak Peek threads, but I obviously missed a lot. I intended to make this a TL;DR, but that's just not possible.*

*You can check the official Sneak Peeks by following the links below. Note that nothing mentioned here is final -- everything's subject to changes. I'm in no way affiliated with the Gems of War team.*

[Sneak Peek I](
[Sneak Peek II](
[Sneak Peek III](
[Sneak Peek IV](
[Sneak Peek V](
[Sneak Peek VI](


# What is Guild Wars?

<img src="//" width="666" height="500">

* It's an upcoming game mode that allows Guild to battle each other for rewards, some of them unique.
* The unique rewards will be awarded to all participating guilds, regardless of their results - only the amount of that unique reward will vary.
* It will be accessible from the Guild's main page (where Statues are).
* Guild Wars battles will count as ranked PvP battles in every respect.

# Register

<img src="//" width="690" height="386">

* The Guild Admin (or members of the 2nd Guild Rank) must register any time during the previous week.
* The entry button can accessed from the Register tab on the Guild Wars page.
* Registration is free.

# Schedule

<img src="//" width="690" height="387">

* The week will consist of 6 Wars, each starting on a different day. This leaves one day (Monday) for preparing, so to speak.
* War 1 starts on Tuesday.
* Each day is numbered and it's also called "War", so "War 1" would be the series of battles you fight on the first day (or later).
* On each day, a new War is unlocked, so you can't play them all on the first days, but you can leave them all for the last day (read more under **Attack**).
* Your guild will be assigned a different opposing guild on each War.
* You'll be able to see the points earned by your guild and your opposing guild. These points will determine the winner for that War.
* A member earns points for the guild for fighting -- of course better results (especially winning, preferably with more troops remaining) yield more points.
* Each player can only attack 5 times per War.
* Each War is associated with a mana color (blue, green, red, yellow, purple, brown).
* Using troops whose colors match the War's color will make you earn more points. The more troops of the featured color you use, the more points you earn, but you don't need all troops to be of that color to receive bonus points.
* That bonus also depends on the level of the Guild Statues, and it should vary between 20% and 30%.
* This tab is also where you'll set up your defense teams (one for each War).
* The winner guild (ie, guild with more points) for each ***day*** (not War!) earns a small reward (see **Ranking** below).
* A guild's points will affect its ranking, as well as the amount of points other guilds gain when fighting that guild.
* You don't have to play each War on its corresponding day, but you have to play Wars in order and you can't return to previous Wars.

# Sentinels

<img src="//" width="690" height="386">

* There's one Sentinel for each Stat (Attack, Life, Armor, and Magic)
* They can be purchased with different resources to provide bonuses on the corresponding stat for the duration of that week (NOT for seven straight days, so it's wise to level them up asap).
* These bonuses affect all your troops during Guild War battles, both attacking and defending. You can check the bonus by clicking the button on the top-left corner.
* They also affect troops of all players whose Guild War Rank is **higher** than yours, but on a smaller scale that varies according to your own Guild War Rank (for example, it seems that Champions provide 10% of whatever bonuses they get to the Paragon -- people with lower GW Ranks should provide a smaller bonus each).
* Each Sentinel has 5 levels -- Life and Armor get +2 per Sentinel level (max +10 each), while Attack and Magic get +1 per level (max +5 each).
* The cost for each Sentinel is different:

> 100 Glory / 500 Glory / 10 Gems / 25 Gems / 50 Gems

> 5,000 Gold / 25,000 Gold / 10 Gems / 25 Gems / 50 Gems

> 5,000 Gold / 25,000 Gold / 10 Gems / 25 Gems / 50 Gems

> 500 Souls / 700 Souls / 10 Gems / 25 Gems / 50 Gems

> 340 Gems + 600 Glory + 1,200 Souls + 60,000 Gold

# Attack

<img src="//" width="690" height="386">

* This tab is where you can fight your opponents.
* You can see the current points of the 2 opposing guilds for the current War on the top of the screen, your opponents in the middle (and their Ranks), and the progress for the current War at the bottom.
* The Guild War Ranks, from right to left (check the symbols on the image), from strongest to weakest, are (max of each Rank per Guild inside parenthesis): Paragon (1) > Champion (2) > Herald (4) > Vanguard (8) > Soldier (15)
* Guild War Ranks are NOT the same as Guild Ranks (like Guild Master, Lieutenant...). Instead, they're based on points earned on the previous week of Guild Wars. In the lack of such data, Guild War Ranks will be based on Guild Ranks, Level, and Team Score.
* You can skip your current War, but you *cannot* return to it later, so that means you're forfeiting the battles to the opponent, and the remaining battles would count as losses.
* The background color of this screen reminds you of the featured color for the current War.

### *Battles available*

* Instead of fighting once per day, you'll be able to get a number of battles (shield with lightning), or "battle tickets" as they were formerly called, and use them to fight (1 ticket = 1 battle)
* Each Day (from day 2 onwards) you'll receive 5 more tickets
* You *can* fight all battles on the last day, but it won't affect the daily reward for the winning guild of the day (obviously, since we can't go back in time... yet ;)).
* You *cannot* purchase more battles -- you can never fight more than 30 battles per week.

### *Progress in the current War*

* Your first battle is always against a Soldier.
* If you lose a battle, your next battle in that War will be against a different opponent of the same Guild War Rank.
* If you win a battle, your next battle in that War will be against an opponent 1 Guild War Rank higher than your previous opponent.
* The higher the opponent's Guild War Rank, the more points the battle is worth.
* To have a chance to battle against the enemy guild's Paragon, you ***have to*** win the 4 previous battles.

# Results

<img src="//" width="690" height="387">

* Here, you can see each member's perfomance on the current week.
* Players are divided by their Guild War Ranks.
* Next to the name of the player, you'll be able to see the current level of each of their Sentinels (from 0/blank to 5).
* There are 6 pairs of numbers, each representing the player's perfomance on each of the 6 Wars.
* The pairs of numbers are displayed as X/Y, where X is the number of wins, and Y is the number of losses.
* On the right of the table, you can see the player's current total of points on the current week (for results on the previous week, check **Ranking** below).
* Guild War Ranks will be reassigned next week according to the total of points obtained by each player in the guild.

# Ranking

<img src="//" width="690" height="386">

* Here, you can see Daily Rewards, Weekly Rewards, Last Week Results, and the actual Rankings, which list the guild in order of total points they've obtained this week.
* Guilds will be divided into Brackets according to their trophy rankings, amongst other unknown parameters, each with 10 guilds. You can never end a week outside your initial Bracket (neither above nor below it).
* Daily Rewards consist of a 24-hour +50% XP buff, and 50 Seals that are added to the guild total (and of course to your pool), but do NOT count for your weekly cap of 1,500.
* Weekly Rewards consist of resources like Gems and Gold, but the unique reward is going to be an exclusive troop (like the Peryton shown on the image), which can only be obtained from Guild Wars. All members of all participating guilds will receive at least 1 copy of that troop, but guilds that end up in the top of the ranking will get "a LOT more" [sic] copies.
* The 3.0 update will introduce 6 of these exclusive troops, but the plan is to have one of these troops for each kingdom. These troops will rotate and return every 6 weeks until more troops are introduced.
* Exclusive troops are of Common rarity, and their stats and power are similar to Guardians'.
* Weekly Rewards for the guilds (EACH player in the guild receives the following rewards, it's NOT divided):

> Rank 1 = 1,500 Gems, 100 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 50,000 Gold
> Rank 2 = 1,000 Gems, 70 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 40,000 Gold
> Rank 3 = 500 Gems, 50 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 30,000 Gold
> Rank 4-6 = 400 Gems, 41 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 25,000 Gold
> Rank 7-9 = 300 Gems, 32 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 20,000 Gold
> Rank 10-19 = 200 Gems, 24 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 15,000 Gold
> Rank 20-49 = 125 Gems, 20Guild Wars Troop Cards, 10,000 Gold
> Rank 50-99 = 100 Gems, 16 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 8,000 Gold
> Rank 100-199 = 75 Gems, 12 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 5,000 Gold
> Rank 200-399 = 50 Gems, 9 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 4,000 Gold
> Rank 400-999 = 25 Gems, 6 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 3,000 Gold
> Rank 1000+ = 10 Gems, 3 Guild Wars Troop Cards, 2,000 Gold

* Note that Weekly Rewards are based solely on the global ranking, so it obviously ignores Brackets.
* On this tab, you can also check how you, your guild, and your guildmates performed last week, as well as the rewards you've earned on the previous week.
* Last but not least, players will be able to see the Sentinel levels of each individual in their guild, so they can know who's contributing the most.


* **Guild Rank** -- these are the old Guild Ranks that reflects the hierarchy in the guild regardless of Guild Wars. Some examples of Guild Ranks are Ambassador, Dragon Prince, Companion, Deity, Serpent Prince, Sultan, Guild Master, Colonel, Greater Daemon, and High Priest.
* **Guild War Rank** -- new ranks that apply only to Guild Wars. There are five of them: Paragon, Champion, Herald, Vanguard, and Soldier. The number of members with each GW Rank varies according to the total number of members in the guild, but the maximums are: Paragon (1), Champion (2), Herald (4), Vanguard (8), and Soldier (15).
* **War** -- one of the 6 "days" in which your guild battles another guild. One War is unlocked per day, but they can played anytime on that week after it's been unlocked.


### Q: *When will it be released?*
A: What do you mean? It's there already! Check your guild page. First Guild Wars start on the week of April 24th, though.

### Q: *Do I get points for successfully defending? If not, why would I need to set a defense team for each War, if color bonuses are* point *bonuses, and not stat bonuses?*
A: I want to know.

### Q: *Why does the second battle shown on the Attack tab has both an ✗ and a ✓ ?*
A: (*Thanks to The_Freak*) Probably, the player lost the first battle against the Vanguard, then fought another Vanguard and won.

### Q: *If my guild participates on week 1, skips week 2, then decides to participate again on week 3, will week 1 count as "previous week" for purposes of checking performance and assigning Guild War Ranks?*
A: I don't know, and that's a pretty good question. * *taps himself on the back* * :smile:

### Q: *What happens if my guild and my opponent guild get the exact same amount of points on a given day?*
A: Although this seems highly unlikely to happen, I'd guess both guilds would get the daily rewards. Note that winning a day has no effect on the Weekly Rewards, apart from the points you get from that day.

### Q: *Do I get seals from Guild Wars battles?*
A: I'd say at least 5, but probably 9, since Sirrian said GW battles counts as ranked PvP battles "in every respect".

### Q: *Do I get less points from a battle in which one or more of my troops died?*
A: It depends. According to Sirrian, what really matters is how many troops you have left at the end of the battle, regardless if those troops were there at the start or if you summoned them after another troop died.

### Q: *To get full color bonus points in a match, do the troops need to be there at the start of the battle, or just at the end? I mean, if I started with 4 troops of the featured color, but ended the battle with less than 4 of the color, do I get the full bonus? And what if I start the battle with 3 troops of the right color, then finish the battle with 4 troops of the color after some summoning?*
A: I still don't know.

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