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Changes to reporting bugs and providing game feedback

To report a bug, follow the pinned post in the new category here, rather than contacting support. If you are missing rewards from the bug or experiencing a technical issue, contact support using this link. If you need general help you can use the ‘Support’ category. Game feedback and questions should now be directed to the forums, too.

As Gems of War gets bigger, we’ve made these changes to help technical support focus on assisting players with technical issues, missing rewards, and specific problems. General bugs that don’t impact your game too much can be directed to the forums.

Why did we make these changes?
  • This streamlines the bug reporting process to one location where the Gems of War team can review them with ease
  • Bug Reports to Support were often edge-case and other than passing on the details of the issue, the support team couldn’t do much else to assist players anyway
  • Game feedback and questions were handled in the same way - in fact, adding the middle man of support made passing on suggestions/feedback more complicated
  • This will help free up the Support team, giving them more time to devote to other issues and technical requests
What happens now?


Queen mab doesn’t list what her boost ratio is on x1.
Name change will often display ZERO GEMS as a cost… known about for a long time…

First, thanks for finally putting some rigor into the bug reporting process. Second, thank you for posting this in Official News (I missed the first post in Bug Reports forum).

Suggest injecting the template into the actual Bug Reports new post form and removing it from the Support new post form. I already see several posts in the bug reports forums that are more suited to Support and almost nobody is using the template. The entire process could end up being self-defeating as a means of consolidation and time saving if people continue to post all bugs/support issues in the same place and nobody is using the correct template, so at least the latter could be a bit easier.


No worries!

Originally when I made these changes my goal was just to get them out and handle the categories later. After some discussion we decided to leave Support as a category.

When creating a new topic in Bug Reports you now get this template for the bug reports:

Additionally, the old Support Pinned post (which gave the template for the old Bug reports) as been edited and redirects to the new category of Bug Reports. Considering these changes, do you think this would reduce some confusion?

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in Gildenwars I have won 4 and loose 1 in the Gilde will see that I have win 3 and looses 2. and for tommorrow I ve got 1 loose. I buyed with diamonds the things for bounty and I became 2 thats allright and for the third bounty i have just become ont treasure map. On Playstation 4

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Absolutely. Thank you.


I responded to your PM and your ticket.

when I couldn’t load my battles after 3.4 I uninstalled and reinstalled, my game was gone ever since then and I’d spent lots of money on it. I had it backed up on my Google account and never had a problem , now it’s gons

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Your profile should still be around, it just needs to get linked back to our account. Best approach is to open a support ticket (“Support” at the top, “Submit a request”, issue type “Account issue”).


Hey there, I’ve responded to two of your posts to tell you how to contact support, in case you missed it. :slight_smile:

Is there any chance to see Gems of War for Mac someday?

With the release of the Alderfather, Yasmin’s Chosen’s third trait has been cheapened. There is now a legendary card that does the exact same thing albeit with another colour. Is there plans to improve Yasmin’s Chosen. I’m not suggesting a nerf on the legenday.


Hi @thecrazygm please consider reposting your topic to the correct game features/suggestions category once the Troop has been in the game for a while. The team are open to suggestions on balance changes but generally make decisions after players have had time to experience and use the Troop.