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Major Support Error


As you can see I tried to send a ticket about Guild Wars not registering. but “ticket was successfully created” at the top and SOLVED under status.

The ticket system is totally screwed up and I can not get help of any sort. anyone else have this?

@Ozball, @Saltypatra, @Lila36, @Lyya, @Cyrup, @Vexx

Tagged you all because My tags have been ignored as of late , at least this way one of you is bound to see it.

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bumping this

@Ozball, @Saltypatra, @Lila36, @Lyya, @Cyrup, @Vexx

that’s three support tickets that had the error.


Hi Wishkiller

This is intended, and if you check your emails, you will also see an explanation of why the ticket was closed in your inbox. An automatic reply is sent to every ticket that is closed explaining why. It should be titled “Request received”.

Edit: without looking at your tickets, you can’t register for GW right now because we have other events going next week

Otherwise, here is the thread.

I hardly check My email accounts, so that makes sense…and the Guild wars bug worked it’s self out…I clicked on it yesterday and I was able to fight, no clue what that was about

in Gildenwars I have won 4 and loose 1 in the Gilde will see that I have win 3 and looses 2. and for tommorrow I ve got 1 loose. I buyed with diamonds the things for bounty and I became 2 thats allright and for the third bounty i have just become ont treasure map

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I’ve already responded to your PM mail :white_check_mark: Can you please consider adding members into the conversation rather than PM’ing different members of Support separately about the same problem? :slight_smile:

As far as ZenDesk is concerned if you are done allowing bug reports to be filed through it. Instead of creating a loop that closes the ticket and emails people about it. You do realize you can simply just prevent tickets from being submitted in the first place for given topics or you can do >>> Just an example of many that can be done. Having a front page disclaimer/notice of acceptable tickets. And where one should go for say ‘bug reports’. And then at the bottom saying ‘Click here if you would like to still file a support request, and it is not listed above’. Which can then forward them to the help desk portal. Reason why I suggested that is because I have run into a few businesses who use this kind of front page even before getting into their help desks. Some even suggesting already created topics that may help them. I’m sure no one on the GoW team is oblivious to those. Most have seen them. Just have someone from your team take time to do that for GoW. And it will save a lot of explaining and/or the need to close massive amounts of tickets with supplied email responses.

(Just trying to be helpful.)


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We have this article already which shows up under ‘promoted articles’ on the front page. I actually meant to add an article to the help center as well explaining the changes, but I forgot, amidst doing all the existing tickets! Here it is now. Thanks for the reminder.

Done already :slight_smile:


Covered - though perhaps a separate article would help.


We all put in work to the articles but as it’s a small team, we’re just focused on tickets for now. I promise that the help center is on my radar as soon as we’re through our backlog. Thank you for your suggestions and let me know if you have any more :smiley: