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I have no new kingdom on my map, supposed to have dragons claw, I have all other kingdoms unlocked and at level 10, and have looked at images to see where it should be but it definitely is not there.

We are aware of the issue:

I have it now, after I gave up and used my gold I reloaded a third time cos the game was ‘hanging’ and I had the new kingdom, now having thee game crash in the quests every time the opponents baby dragon casts its spell, can’t avoid it cos its the kingdom quests so having to try kill it before it collects enough red mana to cast, and thank you for your reply

We’re currently looking into why the Baby Dragon isn’t transforming correctly.

Thank you, and thanks for all you do

Just got task to win 6 battles with 3 unique no troop type troops- having looked through troops with show all there are none showing to me as no troop type troops so wondering why they’d set a task nobody seems able to complete?