Where do Console players submit a ticket now?

505Games is out, so where do we send support tickets now?

You buying 10 gob chompers by “accident” and looking for your glory back?

No I bought one pack to confirm it was not a display bug and I only want a Wild Fang in return as it was the only thing that was not received.

They should really update the pinned console support threads, which are all still saying to contact 505.

Anyone know if that’s an Alpheon, Andrew or somebody else? I haven’t quite figured out who does what yet…

Edit: just tried this, and the support request link takes you to a page that also tells console players to contact 505. They really need to clean this up.


I would like some extra help with something if possible.
I watched tacet’s video on the hero classes and the creeping death sorcerer weapon. Unfortunately I misunderstood the aim and ended up spending 4k + souls training up the necromancer class by mistake. I watched the video again and then knew I’d done the wrong one! I then spent another 4k+ training up the sorcerer class. Unfortunately the hero situation was a bit of a flustercluck. It was never truly apparent which one was actually active pre update etc etc. Anyway, I emailed support and they said this…


We don’t usually refund level ups or transfer levels, but just this once I have credited the levels from your Necromancer Class to the Sorcerer troop.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you encounter another bug or have an issue with Gems Of War

That’s fine, except that the class I wanted was already fully trained!!
So I’m still 4k souls adrift but now my necromancer is back to zero! That’s what I expected but nothing has happened to my sorcerer, nothing could apart from adding traits.
Anyone help? Should I raise another ticket, but who to now? This one is still open but I’ve not heard anything back.
Thanks in advance.

Can someone please help me?

Hi all,

Although we do have a number of days off this month, you can continue sending your tickets to us at support.505games.com. We generally knock out all of our pending tickets first thing in the morning after the weekend and/or holiday. We saw the “505Games is out” up above and interpreted that as us not doing support anymore, which isn’t true. :slight_smile: So, to be clear, nothing has changed! Infinity handles PC/Mobile, 505 handles PS4/XB1.


Thanks for the clarification. I’ve still had no response regarding this issue though. Arsen has always sorted me out but this time it’s someone else. Awesome game guys, really good. (wish stuff in the store was cheaper though, I’d buy a lot more).

Well, there’s only a handful of us here (including Arsen :)), and I’m not seeing any open tickets dealing with this issue… please feel free to reach out to us again to raise it as new if you still need assistance (and assuming you’re on PS4 or XB1). Thanks!

Thank you for sorting this out, I had an email from support in game refunding the souls. I hope the hero class bug is fixed in the next update. Thanks again.

Regards to server issues. I just tried to add 3000 gold to complete a glory
key task and it said that there was a problem with the server. So I tried
again but It says that another member has completed the task and no gold
was taken. However, gold was taken and I didn’t get the keys! It even says
in the guild activity tab that (nephilim) I had completed the task!
Are you able to look into the matter?
Also, dark channel trait on the sorcerer class wasn’t working properly for
me for a few days, it seems to be a bit better now but it’s nowhere near
the 50% it claims to be, and what’s wrong with the deathmark? Hardly every
Guild leader in quimby, invite code nephilim.

Tried to make purchase of flash weapon but kept getting error from Xbox. Tried again today on pet but still received error. This did not happen before Monday when new troop and weapon were added. The new stuff is crashing entire game if used. Pleas assist!

Hey @Kittkatt125

Just letting you know that our Support Team has received your ticket and they will be in touch with you soon :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective: