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Glory Rewards Shop

Is anyone else having problems with the Glory Rewards Shop??? Have not been able to purchase any new troops with Glory Rewards for the past couple of weeks. Really wanted to get more Owl Riders but they don’t show up. Cannot post a problem ticket. Have no idea what to do cause of the new rules.

I’m not having any issues with the rewards tab myself. I’m not sure if you know about the changes to bug reporting but I’ll post the link for the thread. Just put in whatever info you have and keep your fingers crossed. It usually takes them a couple days but I’m sure the dev team can figure it out. Good luck.


I can see you haven’t created another bug report so I’ll chime in here - are you on Xbox? Can you provide an image of the problem you’re having? If your shop is showing as “You have already purchased this…” etc, then here’s what you need to do:

Click the Xbox button on your controller
Go to settings
Privacy & Online Safety
View Details & Customise
Turn off asking for permission before making purchases

I am lost on the bug report. Gonna see what the troop is this week and try to purchase it if it is something I want. If I can’t then I will take a screenshot and post it.

This is what I see when I go to the Glory Rewards tab in the shop for going on 3 weeks now.

David Parker

Hey, can you please try reinstalling the game on your XBox? Another player had this issue and that helped them - it might force your game to redownload the files that are missing for this week’s troops.


what happens to all my troops and the stuff I have done for the time I have been playing???


Hey David

Sorry I didn’t mention earlier - if you’re signed into Xbox live Reinstalling won’t affect anything else. Your game progress is not linked to the game directly and is stored elsewhere on a server, so reinstalling should simply sync your account back with the game when you next login.

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