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Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback

Please post all feedback and suggestions for suggestions specific to 4.0 (released September 5th) here. This is not a thread for bug reports or help with issues in the game. If you have other feedback/suggestions that aren’t related to Update 4.0 Underworld you can post to the Feedback/Suggestions category of the forums.

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Top suggestions and feedback
Other notable feedback

Fantastic job on the artwork update especially the loading screen. Seriously great job!


Thank you! I will pass on your comment :smiley: I love the load screens too

I have a lot more feedback coming. This in my opinion is probably the best update to date.

The team did an amazing job and deserves a high level of praise the quality is top notch!


Could we possibly go back to the ability to zoom out? I like being able to see the majority of Krystara on my screen all at once. :slight_smile:


3 delves per day isin’t enough please give us 5

It starting to be challenging and now need to wait tomorow :frowning:


Yes, this please. Upon loading the game my first instinct was to zoom out, and couldn’t. My thought was that my scrollwheel lost the ability to zoom, and it wasn’t until I accidentally zoomed in even further that I realised that’s as far back as I was going to get, and it made me sad. :frowning:

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Liking the “you got mail”. If you could get the old AOL sound featured in the game then I may play with the sound on again. :grinning:


And that’s why Faction Events exist. It’s a long seven days to next Tuesday.

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Can that come with a voice-over of Salty proclaiming “Rude!” when the You Got Mail pop-up appears? :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • I would like the zoom back as well.
  • I seem to be able to move faster on the maps, which is really nice. The map is still not very friendly for colorblind people (I had sent Salty the PM with examples about that like she had asked, though, so I will not get into this further).
  • I like that split damage is now shown instantly on all hit troops.
  • I don’t like that the animation of the delve chest getting upgraded takes foreverrrrrr! Basically the most annoying part of Delves.
  • I’m not a fan of the blocks in Delve in the way they work right now, as they make an exploder mandatory and cripple any loop-team severely, which limits team composition quite heavily. I like the concept, though, but would like different ways to deal with them to make all team styles equally viable.
  • The exploder nerf is horrible. I really hate it. It’s just too much - before, exploder troops were much better than matching gems normally, now they have become worse than even that, given how easily they hand the enemy some free 4-matches without much gain. Now gem transformers are the way to go, I suppose? Too bad exploders are needed for Delves, as said above…
  • Delves take a loooong time and I feel like what I get out of it is kinda… uneven, compared to dungeons? The ingots are really, really nice, of course, but I would really like more treasure. I needed 45 minutes for three Delves and got two measly rings out of it. Given how upgrading seems to work (I admit I’m not really understanding that yet), I feel like i’m not really getting a good time-reward-thing right now.
  • The Worldbreaker buff is…unexpected. He was already a super-powerful troop before and now he’s even better. I’m not complaining, it just seems odd, given how Infernus was recently nerfed. Huh…
  • I did my Delves with VERY powerful teams and I struggled already, mainly thanks to the blocks and me bringing a looping team. (Forest Troll/Loyalty/Yasmine/Aurora). I don’t even wanna imagine how newbies fare. Sure, unlocking the Underworld is hard enough as it is for a newbie, but still… with less troops available, I feel Delves are a bit too hard for newbies, even on the easiest level. They are a really fun concept, but I feel like even the easiest things are pretty much gated a bit too much these days.
  • I do like the update, all in all, though - I just don’t think it’s really much for me and my playstyle. The ingot gain is really, really, really generous, though - I got 12 from one Delve and decent amounts from the other two - but I rather want other stuff than ingots…haha…

This is true. I also didn’t like this part.

edit: Wait, no. The part I didn’t like was when the chest opened and the four things came out at the end. That took too long and was a little confusing.


If you click a whole lot, that part can be skipped after a second or two! But it does need to be a bit into the animation.

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Exploder nerf… once again an overarching broad stroke nerf with the goal of getting some overperforming troops in line that do too much too well(and will still overperform), that obliterates all single gem exploders or sensibly designed multi/mass exploders that were already super niche and underperforming and now are just utter trash.


Undo the exploder nerf or there will be riots. I already have my pitchfork. Seriously, we need some way to play fast and loose and exploders are it, they are not tactical, they are built for speed and luck. I can’t spend my entire day playing this game and since the divine nerf exploders were my next substitute, now I dont see why I play. You just keep ruining all the cool things with these nerfs. I hated goblins but I didn’t want them nerfed, I hated Ubastet, but I didn’t want him nerfed, I hated when tds res’d 8 times, but I didn’t want him nerfed…because that’s what made me want those troops, that’s what made me grind to craft them or get enough keys to try and get them.

Everytime you nerf, a rainbow loses its colors.


I can’t unlock traits, says to contact you.


you sure there is 0 limit?? i can play 24/24 without restriction?

Using souls to increase the level of these treasures is really funny in a useless way… :rofl:

Also we can use them to fight? What the heck? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


oh i get it it’s a troop when can use it for battle? i thought it was only a treasure