Trophies for Delves 🏆

Hey, devs- any chance we could get trophies for Delves? Easy ways to implement them would be 1 per room, or 1 per level of the Delve chest upon opening. This wouldn’t unbalance the trophy economy, since Delves aren’t infinitely farmable. It would, however, reward the time investment that running a delve, particularly one at a higher level, calls for. Likewise, single trophy rewards for Raid/Invasion battles and dungeons would be awesome too.


A good and important suggestion!


I think that would be a great idea. I wish there were trophies for raid and invasion too. I dont think they can use the trophy economy as an excuse not to, If they were that worried about that, they worried would of done something about arena a long time ago


All of the modes is really taking a lot of time, I think it would be fair to let all the big modes have some sort of trophy payout. (Guild Wars/Invasion/Raids/Dvelves.)

It’s just trophies afterall…


Trophies are a reward for Ranked PVP, Casual Pvp & PVP in the Arena.

I don’t feel this works in delves, as we aren’t fighting other players teams in delves.


Well, it would not bother you if the dvelves or other modes had some static reward of trophies?

We aren’t fighting other player’s teams in arena either.


It’s a reward for beating other players’ teams, unique to pvp…

Yes we are. Their hero is in every arena fight.


That was not my question. I doubt it would had bother you if you got a few trophies in Dvelves?

Their hero. With a weapon that more often than not was chosen randomly from 5 options, and a team of 3 randomly chosen (by the game, not the player) troops. No class or traits or banners or any such customization applied.

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This is crazy, I’m sorry I said anything.

pardon :thinking:

I for one think it is a great idea. With more modes being added to the game, it means less time to fulfil guild requirements like trophies. It gets my vote even though trophy requirements for a guild have never been an issue for me :+1:


+1 (trophy) to this,


I agree that trophies are PvP-only rewards. PvE content should not have them.

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So what if PvE had them too, what difference would it made for you and the way you enjoy the game?


It wouldn’t make any difference to me at all. It would just invalidate the trophy leaderboards, which I am not on top of. Trophies have a meaning. They are a measure of PvP success. If they change the meaning, then so be it, but I don’t agree with doing so.

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So you don’t agree with it, but it does not bother you if it got invented. Right?

Yes, that’s correct.

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