[UI/QoL] Location of Chat and AB buttons, other world map suggestions

The chat icon/button on the world map moves when you open and close the AB menu, which is kind of annoying, since you generally want your buttons to be in the same place so that you don’t have to look for them when you want to use them.

Realistically, I’d like a little bit of swapping around of UI locations, per the following diagram, returning chat to its rightful place at the top of the map (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:):

However I’d probably settle for a simple switching of the chat and AB icons. One of them opens up and affects the location of anything below it; the other doesn’t.

Looking at the other suggestions in that diagram:

  • I think Medals (3) would be better suited to the position below the Hero, which better conveys the sense of being ‘equipped’; that would also open up space for chat to return to the top of the screen, making it much easier to access.

  • The most recently equipped Hero class is largely redundant, as far as I can tell, aside from perhaps aesthetics.

  • The flash offer rectangle juts/stands out a bit too much for me, and once it’s been acknowledged, I’d prefer it receded to one side like the other side menus. Keeping the blue-ish colour could help to make it stand out, if that was desired.

On the whole, the World Map still feels a bit cluttered.

  • I think the ‘Offers’ side-menu could be consolidated into the existing ‘Shop’ menu (I’m sure this may be covered in the upcoming Shop rework).

    • Any others that can be consolidated, by all means do so (e.g. I think the Google Play side button could be moved to a tab in the Settings menu, personally).
  • I didn’t originally think it was that big a deal, but I’m on board with @Shimrra’s suggestion of putting all of the resource icons in one line:

  • I’d still really, really, really like to be able to zoom out as far out as is possible while still not showing any black spaces around the edges (which I understood to be the main, original concern, aside from development time).
    • For good measure, let’s be able to zoom in even further as well! Get a nice close-up on those mountain ranges and Kingdom badges. Not joking, tbh.
    • This was requested at the time of the World Map update, and I believe remains a valid request:

→ There really is still room to move, there, I think (in terms of zoom potential without reaching black spaces).


If I can add another suggestion: Move the “Help” Question Mark button away from between the Left Arrow/ Chat icon

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve managed to hit it by accident on a comparatively small phone screen and then had to wait for the Help page to load before I can close it again and get on with what I was trying to do.

Put it in the top right hand corner instead where you’ll only press it if you actually want it!