Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback


Yep, they are considered troops, and you can use them in battle as normal.


so they count toward the kingdom bonuses?


Technically they would, but they’re all from the Vault Kingdom, so they would only affect team bonuses with other Vault troops.


QUICK! Most ridiculous Vault team go!


Sacred Treasure x4


ok thanks so it’s just like estethic pet and doesn’t worth it to ascend them ty :slight_smile:


Only limited by the amount of gems a player is willing to spend on additional Delve Scrolls :sunglasses:


well lol so it’s a 3 limit how many gems will cost an extra delve?


I like this update a lot. The art is gorgeous. The map look more awesome than ever!

That loading screen even got some beautiful kingdom backgrounds to look at. Sea of Sorrow is my favorite, very breath-taking!


I have dubbed this new mode as- Play to wait to play to pay to win.

First you play. Then you wait for the next 3 turns. Then you play. Then the event comes, and you pay to win… something that doesn’t apply for half of the game (normal world), but may apply to a section of the other half of the game(?) to further increase the treasures in… the … something part (?) of the game to unlock more things to help overall progress to over 9000…

^That’s hyperbole. I understand how the new stuff works. Actually wait… that is not hyperbole. That IS how the new stuff works…oh… uh oh.


any raven or whatever in delve faction event?


Learn how to coordinate releases across different app stores. GoW is the only game I’ve played that never releases across all stores within 15 minutes of each other. So many other apps and games manage to do it. If it’s witchcraft, find a witch, please.


Only Faction Shop picture we have so far…


Looks like standard tier pricing as the rest of the 3.x event modes.

Yes, in Faction Events, although at a lower appearance rate than in the 3.x event modes.


Just ONCE, it would be nice if iOS got the new stuff the same time as everyone else. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


ok thanks for the infos so when is the first faction event? :slight_smile:


For shop tiers full of the new stuff these are surely a step in the right direction.


what is jar of eyes?? is it a troop?


The game is much smoother now. I’ve been playing for over an hour now and the game is not even frozen yet.
I also like the graphics (loadingscreen and map) and artworks of the new troops.
I was really looking forward to this update and I was not disappointed.
Excellent work! :star_struck::clap:


In 6 days.


Weapon probably.